Summary of Information: The Workhouse

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Index of Records for Babington House, The Old Belper Workhouse

General Information & History of the Workhouse

Census Records: Workhouse Inmates and Staff

  1. 1841 Census and images
  2. 1851 Census
  3. 1871 Census
  4. 1881 Census
  5. 1891 Census

Births and Deaths

  1. Deaths 1840-66 Surnames A-H
  2. Deaths 1840-66 Surnames I-Y
  3. Births 1840-43

Admissions & Discharges

  1. Records from 1840-1843 (4MB PDF file)

Links to Workhouse and Hospital Pages

  2. Friends of Babington Hospital
  3. Babington Set for Closure 2018
  4. Belper Poor Law Union
  5. Babington Hospital

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