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Deeds from Matlock Record Office

The Derbyshire Record Office located in Matlock is a wonderful and priceless archive of papers relating to Derbyshire properties, families, schools, societies, businesses and much more. It also has maps, census records and parish records for Derbyshire.

[For the STRUTT Archives, please see the separate Strutt Summary Pages here.]

Postal Address: County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3AG.
Location: New St., Matlock, DE4 3FE.
Tel.01629 538347
Website: Opening hours and how to visit, etc. 

    List of Holdings - names, places and collections listed in alphabetical order to help you pinpoint what you need to find at the Record office. [PDF file]

   Maps & Plans held by the Matlock Record Office

   Records useful to Historians and those tracing their family tree (with many links)

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Derbyshire Record Office (Matlock) Collections include

  1. Official records of Derbyshire County Council and its predecessors.
  2. Records of Derby and Derbyshire Quarter Sessions.
  3. Archives of many other Derbyshire public bodies including hospitals, courts & local councils.
  4. Archives of the Diocese of Derby and of over 400 Anglican parishes in the county.
  5. Archives from Derbyshire schools, industries, businesses, societies, charities, estates,& families.

These collections include original:

  1. Parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials from the 16th century onwards.
  2. Registers of baptisms, marriages and burials in non-conformist chapels from the 17th century onwards.
  3. Personal and estate papers from major Derbyshire families.
  4. Wills and probate records of Derbyshire people from 1858 to 1961.
  5. Cemetery records for most of Derbyshire from the 19th century.
  6. Electoral registers from 1832.
  7. Manuscript and printed plans from the 17th century onwards including tithe maps & ordnance survey maps.

George Woodward collection:

George Woodward

The George Woodward collection is also held by Derbyshire Record Office.

The artist George Murgatroyd Woodward was born in around 1765, and grew up in the Derbyshire village of Stanton by Dale. He spent a number of years working for Earl Stanhope of Chevening, before resigning his position in 1791 in order to embark on a career as a caricaturist. He died in 1809 at the Brown Bear Tavern in Covent Garden.

The Woodward collection at Derbyshire contains 218 drawings by Woodward, including his earliest known drawings, a series of pen and ink sketches produced when still in his teens, as well as a series of portraits of actors in Shakespearean roles executed between 1782 and 1787, depictions of the earliest balloon flights in England and a number of preparatory drawings for his published caricatures. 

There are also 220 prints based on designs by Woodward. During his brief career Woodward collaborated with some of the best known caricaturists of the day in order to produce his prints, and the collection includes examples of work produced in conjunction with Thomas Rowlandson, Isaac Cruikshank and Thomas Newton.   

Woodward was more interested in the humour to be found in everyday life than in high politics and his caricatures provide a fascinating insight into the tastes and fashions of 18th century England. Use this database to browse through some of his prints and drawings. For further information please contact Derbyshire Record Office, quoting reference number D5459.

Guides to the Records

  1. Parish Register Guide
  2. Nonconformist Guide
  3. Cemetery Guide
  4. Introduction to maps
  5. Maps holdings, and also see on this webite MAPS & PLANS of Belperlisted
  6. Land values maps

Related documents

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Each one lists the additional records added to the Record Office in the years 2004-2009. Belper-specific records are included in these lists.

  1. Archives 2009
  2. Archives 2007
  3. Archives 2006
  4. Archives 2005
  5. Archives 2004


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