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  1. Where is Belper?
  2. Belper description, history and information on Wikipedia
  3. Belper as described by C. Willot1885
  4. Belper Town, and Surrounding Areas in 1947

Belper Landmark Buildings and Sites

  1. Salem Chapel, the Old United Methodist Chapel on Green Lane
  2. Churches & Chapels, Ancient & Modern
  3.  Inns, Hotels and Public Houses of Belper (to come)
  4. The former St Laurence Convent and its Redevelopment
  5. Redevelopment Projects including the Silkolene site, Congregational Church, and the Green House
  6.  Redevelopment Projects including the Old School and Brook House. (to come)
  7. The Strutt's House "Green Hall" and its Fate
  8. Strutt's house at Bridge Hill
  9. The East Lodge of Bridge Hill
  10. Beaurepaire Gardens, the restored Gardens of the Cottage Hospital
  11. Long Row School and its Admissions Records
  12. Rolls Royce in Belper at Clan Foundry
  13.  Other buildings such as the Courthouse, Osmaston Grange, the Bank, Fire Station, Cinema, Town Hall, Old Police Station, Isolation Hospital, Railway Station, Cottage Hospital, Almshouses etc. (to come)

Belper Workhouse (Babington Hospital)

  1. Workhouse Information Index Page

Belper Herbert Strutt School  

  1. History and Information about the School
  2. Photographs of Staff and Pupils 1920's
  3. War Memorial Records
  4. Stories behind the names on the War Memorial

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