Summary of Information: The Strutt Family & The Mills

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The Strutt Family & the Mills

Family Tree

  1. Derbyshire Strutt BMD Records on IGI
    1. All Strutt Names in Derbyshire (Births, Marriages and Deaths)listed in Date Order [Word DOC]
    2. Strutt Marriages and Children in Blackwell, Pinxton, Alfreton and locaities [Word DOC]
    1. Strutt records combined into families + BURIALS at their home church of Blackwell by Alfreton, Derbyshire.
  2. Basic Strutt Pedigree (image)
  3. More complete Strutt Pedigree in PDF format[Please see addendum below]
  4. Website containing Family Tree of various Strutts
  5. Family Tree starting with William Strutt (offsite link)
NOTE: in a correction to the above Strutt Pedigree (PDF), George Ashton Strutt - named after his paternal grandmother Anne Agnes Ashton died March 1935 in Khartoum, Sudan, not Derbyshire. He was buried in Khartoum. He is named on a memorial stone in the Belper Cemetery which states these facts. George had married his second wife, Mary Reeve (Ward) Winterbottom, in 1926 in London.


  1. The Influence of the Strutt Family in Belper
  2. The Strutts in their Locality - Family Origins
  1. Extract from "Self Help" by Samuel Smiles about Strutt and the Industrial Revolution
  2. Strutt Estate Plans at the Record Office
  3. The Strutt Archives at the Record Office


  1. Book Extract (Vicissitudes) about the Strutts (Word document)
  2. Book Extract from Memorials of Old Derbyshireabout Jedidiah Strutt (early days)
  3. "Portrait of Jedidah Strutt" extract from Imperial Magazine
  4. Description of the Strutt Mansion in Derby (work in progress)
  5. The Mills


Strutt, Slater and The Mills

Book Information Page: The Strutts, Samuel Slater and the Mills

  1. The Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain By Andrew Ure, MD, FRS. Volume One. 1836
  2. A Collection of Decrees in Tithe Causes (Extract) by Hutton Wood (1799).
  3. The House of Lords Session Papers (Children in the Mills) Extract 1816
  4. Samuel Slater, The Strutts and the Mills - by George S. White, second edition 1838.

Mills and Other Industry

  1. "The Mirror of Literary Amusement" report on Belper & Mills
  2. The Derby Cotton & Silk Mills; Book Extract from "A Collection of Fragments"about Cotton and Silk Weaving

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