Video Seven: The North Mill in Belper

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This Youtube video is "Strutt's North Mill". It is an enjoyable and interesting professional film by 'Watch This Space' with shots of Belper and the North Mill Museum.

Intro: An unassuming Derbyshire town, which nurtured the industrial revolution in its infancy, becomes home to the latest multi-media arts installation under the "Watch This Space" banner.

Strutt's North Mill, Belper, comes to life again with a combination of performance, soundtrack and stunning visuals, brought together to tell the story of the rise and fall of one of Britain's most influential industrial developments. Along the way, we hear the voices of those from Belper, who bring a personal perspective to the historical overview. Watch This Space: Belper North Mill paints a living picture of the industrial giants and the individual inhabitants that helped to shape a town.

Watch This Space is a national programme of unique arts events created for unusual spaces. Combining multi-media installation, exhibition and performance, each project unlocks the doors to areas of historical buildings often not visited by the public. Watch This Space places personal stories into historical and architectural contexts, taking small audience groups on an intimate tour of a site as it has never been seen before.

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