Video Six: "Driving Through Derbyshire" including Belper

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This Youtube video is again by Andy Savage who has created an interesting car ride in time-lapse video through Milford and Belper.

Andy says: Are you an ex-pat of Derbyshire, feeling homesick? Or perhaps you just want a clear way of giving someone directions to a location in Derbyshire or want to show people your village. Well in this video and the many others I have made, you will be able to take a virtual drive around the streets as though you were in the driving seat. I use a dash-mounted camera. Traffic lights and heavy traffic have been edited out.

This is a journey through the Derbyshire village of Milford and the Town of Belper. Click the "watch in high quality" link below the video.

Key points on journey :
00:00 Starting on Derby Road (The A6) heading into Milford.
00:05 The Strutt Arms pub on right.
00:13 Over the river Derwent.
00:16 The King William pub ahead
01:44 Island that gets very busy
01:52 Onto Chapel Street
01:55 On left is De Bradelei Mill Shop
02:13 Onto Bridge Street
02:46 On the right is a shop called "Fruit flies like a banana", Yes it really is called that !!!!
02:51 Left onto The triangle
03:02 Right onto Bridgefoot
03:09 Right at lights back onto Bridge Street
03:28 George's Fish & Chips on left
03:31 Over King Street juntion onto Chapel Street
03:42 Left at island up New Road (A609)
03:59 Cheapside
04:13 Market Head
04:17 Belper Market Place on right, where they have a Farmers Market on the 2nd Saturday of every month From 9am.
04:23 High Street
04:41 Spencer Road
04:59 Kilburn Lane
05:24 Kilburn Road
05:34 Right at mini island down Short Street
05:42 Right at island onto Nottingham Road (A609)
06:27 Right onto Lander Lane
06:35 Left down High Street
07:20 Left onto Derby Road
Back to Milford
08:58 End
For photographs of Derbyshire visit my photographic website :

I have a newer video in HD here:


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