Maps: The Strutt Estate Plans

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This page contains information about, and record numbers of, the Estate Plans and maps held by the Record office at Matlock.

I do not possess any of these deeds and maps, and they are not on my website. This page is simply to help you locate what you need, and go with the appropriate record number to the Record Office to see the document.



Reference D1564
Covering dates 1787-1927, Dec 2001
Held by Derbyshire Record Office
Extent 393 items
The hierarchical structure of this catalogue is shown below. See the Record Hierarchy on this page
Archival history The records were deposited by the Strutt Estate Office in 1975.
Creators Strutt family, Barons Belper of Derbyshire
Arrangement The original order of the plans and other miscellaneous items in the scrapbook has been maintained. The other maps and plans have been arranged according to the town or area they relate to, and the surveyor who drew them up.
Related Information For the main collection of Strutt family title deeds and estate papers, see D3772.
For letters to Jedediah Strutt and other members of the family dealing with family and personal matters but also including letters from Jeremy Bentham, Joseph Lancaster, Richard Lovell Edgeworth and his daughter Maria, and Joseph Chamberlain seeD5303.
For travel diaries probably written by female members of the Strutt family of Derby, including England 1814-1831 and Europe 1823-1861, with copies of Jedediah's letters 1750-1775 and family memoirs seeD2943.
For records of the English Sewing Cotton Company and its predecessors including records of production and photographs at Strutt Belper mills 1823-1895 see D3638.
For Strutt Library of printed material on Derbyshire bequeathed to Derbyshire County Council under the will of Frederick Strutt in 1910 and prints of Derbyshire scenes etc given by Lord Belper in 1912 see Derbyshire Record Office Printed Books.
Records of the Barons Belper including deeds, family and estate papers relating to Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire 17th-20th cents are held at Nottinghamshire Archives (DD/BK)
Business records of the Strutt Mills in Belper and Milford including ledgers and mill school registers (dated 1780 to 1936) are deposited in the Archives Department of the Manchester Central Library

The plans date from the late 18th century to the early 20th century, and are mainly concerned with the estate of the Strutt family, principally in Belper and Duffield.
The collection includes copies of enclosure maps for Belper and Duffield (D1564/1a-b, D1564/25-26), and tithe maps of Holbrook, Hazelwood, Heage, Little Eaton and Meynell Langley (D1564/80, D1564/82, D1564/84-86).
There are also plans of houses and mill buildings, such as the floor plans of the east mill in Belper (D1564/53), plans of Green Hall, Belper (D1564/57), and the Milford Mills (D1564/67-72).
Plans of railways in Europe and America, as well as in England, are found in the scrapbook of plans (D1564/S286-S304). Examples are the Great Western Railway of Canada, and the South Eastern Company and the West Midland Railway in England.
Miscellaneous items are also included in the collection, such as a roll of engravings of George Strutt (D1564/96), trademarks (D1564/S100-100a, 107-112, 117-119, 121, 145-146), and weather observations at Field Head House, Belper (D1564/95)

  1. Belper and Duffield enclosure  [no ref. or date]
  2. Maps of James Hicking, clerk and surveyor to Messrs Strutt  [no ref. or date]
  3.  Maps by J B H Bennett  [no ref. or date]
  4. Series of maps by George Henry Hopkins  [no ref. or date]
  5. Miscellaneous maps and plans  [no ref. or date]
  6. Scrapbook of plans relating to the Strutt Estate and the mills now unbound  [no ref.]  1796-1927




D1564/1a-b Belper and Duffield enclosure award (1791) and plan (1787)
Maps of James Hicking, clerk and surveyor to Messrs Strutt Belper
D1564/2 19th cent   Plans of Belper based on Belper enclosure award map
D1564/3 1805-1818 Part of the liberties of Belper, Duffield and Makeney 1805-1818 on basis of copy of parts of enclosure award plans, with alterations to Strutt Estate to about 1818
D1564/4 1809 Wyver Farm
D1564/5 19th cent   Wyver Farm and Lawn Farm
D1564/6 1807 Allotment of Sheffield Hospital land
D1564/7 c. 1810 Plan of the Derwent from Blackbrook to Lawn Farm, including Belper Mills;   4 chains to 1 inch
D1564/8/1-3 1826 Alterations to Matlock Road
D1564/9 1828 Alterations to Cromford Road
D1564/10 19th cent   Broadholme Road
D1564/11 19th cent   New road through Woodyard
D1564/12 c. 1835 Cooper and Winson's premises


D1564/13 1792 Principal map of Milford 0.5 chains to 1 inch
D1564/14 1790 Old house and premises, Milford
D1564/15 c. 1810 Survey of The Homestead, Milford
D1564/16 19th cent   General plan of Milford Mills - 26.5 ft to 1 inch
D1564/17 19th cent   Milford, plan of houses and land belonging to A R Strutt; 1 chain to 1 inch


D1564/18 c. 1800 Coloured plan of Crich estate; draft plan of Strutt's Crich estate with terrier, and east side of Crich estate, with terrier
D1564/19 c. 1800 Plan of land at Crich purchased from Sheffield Hospital, showing old lead mines


D1564/20 19th cent   Detailed ground plan of J Strutt's house


D1564/21 1827 Plan, and draft, of Strutt estate at Makeney


D1564/22 1829 Radford estate at Holbrook


D1564/23 1806 Hazelwood Farm


Maps by J B H Bennett

D1564/24 1819-1820 Township of Belper (Plan A1)
D1564/25 1820 Belper and Duffield: showing allotments under enclosure award, with traced copy;   8 chains to 1 inch
D1564/26/1 1820 Copy of 1791 enclosure map of Duffield (including Makeney and part of Hazlewood)
D1564/26/2 1820 Copy of 1791 enclosure map of Duffield (including Makeney and part of Hazlewood), copy made by Thomas Brimley
D1564/26/3 1823 Map of estates at Belper and Milford in Duffield to accompany a valuation of the land (Plan L)
D1564/27 1829 Strutt title plan for Belper and Milford, base 1820 but revised to 1829
D1564/28 1829 Deed of arrangement between William Strutt, George Benson Strutt and Joseph Strutt: chronological abstract of Strutt deeds, with maps showing the Strutt estate, 2 Oct


Series of maps by George Henry Hopkins

Hopkins, George Henry, fl. 1835-1841, surveyor
D1564/29 19th cent   Township of Belper (plan A3)
D1564/30 19th cent   Belper west of the Derwent 2 chains to 1 inch
D1564/31 19th cent   Belper town cent re (plan C) 2 chains to 1 inch
D1564/32 19th cent   Makeney and Cowhill (plan D) 2 chains to 1 inch
D1564/33 19th cent   Northern part of Belper (Plan E) 2 chains to 1 inch
D1564/34 19th cent   Part of Belper (Plan B13) 2 chains to 1 inch
D1564/35 1830-1831   Large scale plan of Duffield
D1564/36 1835 Hazelwood 6 chains to 1 inch


Miscellaneous maps and plans



D1564/37 1852 Hatfall Field, Belper
D1564/38 1852 Large-scale plan of Bridge Street, with terrier
D1564/39 1852 Plan of lands in Belper by Parkin
D1564/40 1856 Thomas Lomas's garden
D1564/41 c. 1856 Title map A Surveyor: William Kerby
D1564/42 1858 Winson and Cooper's premises
D1564/43 1881 Ordnance Survey, first edition, 25 inch of Belper (45.1), annotated
D1564/44 1888 Bridgehill House, G H Strutt
D1564/45 1888 Ordnance Survey, first edition, 6 inch map of Belper and Milford, annotated
D1564/46 1888 Bridgehill estate (gas, water and drain pipes)1 chain to 1 inch
D1564/47 1889 Plan of pipes of Old Cross Roads Farm
D1564/48 1897 Belper Waterworks, specification of new works, and photographs
D1564/49 1897 Belper plans
D1564/50 1898 Sketch of house at Green Lane
D1564/51 1898 Ordnance Survey, second edition, 25 inch of Belper, annotated
D1564/52 1898 Ordnance Survey, second edition, 25 inch of Belper, annotated (half of 40.12)
D1564/53 1911 Floor plans of the East Mill, Belper
D1564/54 1912 Belper Mills, 1 inch to 20 ft, west mill side
D1564/55 1914 Belper Mills, 1 inch to 40 ft, north, south and east mills
D1564/56 1914 Chevin Golf Course
D1564/57 1919-1923 Plans of Green Hall, Belper
D1564/58 1922 Ordnance Survey, 6 inch of Mount Pleasant, annotated
D1564/59 1937 Suggested layout of the Bridgehill estate (pipes) Surveyors: Richardson and Linnell
D1564/60 1937 Suggested layout of the Bridgehill estate (roads) Surveyors: Richardson and Linnell
D1564/61 19th cent   Title map 3 and Dalley plan 'R' of Bridgehill estate
D1564/62 19th cent -20th cent   Proposed new school at Belper Pottery Chapel
D1564/63 19th cent -20th cent   Grange Farm (drains)
D1564/64 19th cent -20th cent   Large-scale tracing of part of Belper Mills 10 ft to 1 inch
D1564/65 19th cent -20th cent   Plan of additional pumping plant at Belper Waterworks


D1564/67 1912 Small plan of Milford Mills
D1564/68 1912 Insurance plans of West, North and South and Milford Mills
D1564/69 1936 Hopping Mill, Milford, east and west terraces
D1564/70 19th cent -20th cent Title maps 5 and 6: Chevin and Milford
D1564/71 19th cent Small plan of part of Milford
D1564/72 19th cent -20th cent Milford House, ground plans


D1564/73 1847 Strutt property in Derby


D1564/74 1856 Makeney estate
D1564/75 19th cent -20th cent Large-scale plan of Makeney Cottage and adjoining grounds


D1564/76 20th cent Ordnance Survey, second edition,6 inch, Brailsford, annotated
D1564/77 1921 Ordnance Survey, first edition, 6 inch, Strutt estate marked Brailsford Hall estate


D1564/78 1853 Draft map of Duffield, Hazelwood and Milford
D1564/79 1860-1862Plan of Duffield by George Lamb (1860) and traced copy (1862)


D1564/80 1841 Traced copy of Holbrook tithe map
D1564/81 1883 Farmhouse and buildings at Holbrook


D1564/82 1843 Traced copy of Hazelwood tithe map

Little Eaton

D1564/83 1821 Radford estate at Little Eaton and Allestree   5 chains to 1 inch. Surveyor: William Fowler
D1564/84 1910 Map referring to the tithe apportionment of Little Eaton (1850) 5 chains to 1 inch. Surveyor: John Bromley
D1564/85 1910 Meynell Langley: tracing of part of 1847 tithe map


D1564/86 1843 Heage, tracing of tithe map
D1564/87 1900 Ordnance Survey, second edition, 6 inch, Pentich, Heage and Fritchley, annotated
D1564/88 1901 Ordnance Survey, second edition, 6 inch, Heage and Little Eaton, annotated

New Whittington

D1564/89 1916 Ordnance Survey, 25 inch, New Whittington


D1564/90 1792 Plan of intended Derby canals and railways Surveyor: B Outram
D1564/91 19th cent -20th cent Bradshaw's map of canals
D1564/92 19th cent -20th cent Canal plan of Midlands
D1564/93 1829 Deposited plan of Duffield-Heage turnpike road
D1564/94 1836 Photograph of annotated version of Sanderson's map of Derbyshire 1836, showing leins veins and railway lines
D1564/95 1880-1900 Weather observations at Field Head House, Belper
D1564/96 Roll of engravings of George Strutt; not dated


Scrapbook of plans relating to the Strutt Estate and the Mills;
now unbound Dates: 1796-1927

D1564/S1 1796 Dimensions of a parcel of land purchased by Mr Strutt of Mr Abraham at Belper
D1564/S2 18th cent   Plan of new bridge at Belper
D1564/S3 18th cent   Plan of Belper Mills drawn by Mr Hicking, with note that old bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1795 and plan of goits to new and old mill [North Mill cut]
D1564/S4 18th cent   Milford Bridge, land next to River Derwent
D1564/S5 1796 Milford Mill area
D1564/S6 1797 Sketch of houses, outbuildings etc belonging to Messrs Strutts near Belper Lane End
D1564/S7 18th cent   Bridge and the new road at Milford
D1564/S8 18th cent ' Calculations for the Bowling Green'
D1564/S9 18th cent   Plan of part of Glow's Yard
D1564/S10 1799 Plan of weir and the south end of Hopping Mill Meadow
D1564/S11 1799 South end of part of Hopping Mill Meadow
D1564/S12 18th cent -19th cent Survey of a croft in Belper
D1564/S13 1798 Plan of the corner between the walls and causeway near the south bridge, West Mill
D1564/S14 18th cent -19th cent Flood gates and weir at Milford
D1564/S15 1800 Plan of ground lying to the large Bevel House at Hopping Hill
D1564/S16 19th cent   Survey of a small piece of land at Hopping Hill
D1564/S17 19th cent   Belper Field
D1564/S18 19th cent   Plan of parcels of land at Crich, with terrier
D1564/S19 c. 1806 Plan of House Close, with notes to 1805/6
D1564/S20 1809 Plan of a parcel of land at the top of Chevin Ward
D1564/S21 1805 Plan for 32 new houses, gardens and roads intended to be built in Bridge and Spencer Field Closes
D1564/S22 1813 Sketch of Chevin Farm
D1564/S23 1824 Chevin Farm as occupied by Joseph Slater
D1564/S24 1802 Plan of Babington Brook
D1564/S25 1801 Plan of the curve for the new weir at Milford
D1564/S26 c. 1800 Outlines of hospital and other lands now in the possession of G B Strutt
D1564/S27 1825 Plan of new road at Hopping Hill
D1564/S28 19th cent Plan of land at Belper
D1564/S29 1824 Plan of a parcel of land in Milford Vale Division
D1564/S30 1818 Survey of land and premises at Hopping Hill and Hopping Mill (Hopping Hill houses)
D1564/S31 1806 Survey of a parcel of land in Makeney, purchased of Francis Bradshaw
D1564/S32 1827 Map of part of Belper property with REFs to plantations (Crich Road)
D1564/S33 1824 Plan of a parcel of land at the upper end of Heage
D1564/S34 1824 Plan of a small farm in the liberty of Ashleyhay, with terrier
D1564/S35 1824 Wyver Farm as occupied in 1824, with terrier
D1564/S36 1824 Plan of a parcel of land in Makeney Meadows
D1564/S37 19th cent Chapel Close, Heage
D1564/S38 19th cent Plan of the turnpike road at the south entrance to Belper
D1564/S39 19th cent A plan of part of Crich Road at Belper Lawn Hill
D1564/S40 19th cent Hopping Hill, stone quarry and some of the houses
D1564/S41 1823 Land bought of William Slater adjoining King Street
D1564/S42 1823 Land bought of William Slater adjoining King Street
D1564/S43 1824 Plan and terrier of land at Heage
D1564/S44 19th cent Small parcel of land adjoining Field Lane
D1564/S45 19th cent Plan of a meadow lying in the liberty of Belper called Britain Holme
D1564/S46 19th cent Sketch showing the advantages of cylindrical wheels and the disadvantages of conical wheels
D1564/S47 1824 Plan of an old enclosure at Lawn Hill, Belper
D1564/S48 1829 Remeasurement of the nether part of Hutfall Field
D1564/S49 19th cent Note on cottage garden, on road from Milford to Belper
D1564/S50 1827 Plan of two closes at Lane End Farm
D1564/S51 1825 Plan of a piece of ground belonging to Messrs Strutts, Bigger Gratian Field
D1564/S52 1805 Measurements of Barn Croft
D1564/S53 19th cent Contents of land in the liberty of Belper belonging to Mr Norton
D1564/S54 1830 Plan of land in Belper purchased by John Strutt of Mrs Norton and William Hall
D1564/S55 19th cent Small diagrammatic plan of land adjoining the road from Belper to Milford
D1564/S56 19th cent Messrs Strutts Big Gration Field leased to John Mason and Thomas Jinnison
D1564/S56a 1836 Plan of land leased to John Mason and Thomas Jinnison taken off Gratian Field
D1564/S57 1830 Plan of Jackson's premises off Swinney Well Road
D1564/S58 19th cent Part of Gratians allotment, garden and piece of land next to the gardens at Lawn Hill
D1564/S59 19th cent Plan of allotments off Frost Road
D1564/S60 19th cent Plan of part of Black Brook
D1564/S61 1836 Plan of two pieces of land in Belper Dally
D1564/S62 19th cent Plan of land in the liberty of Belper off Belper Lane Road belonging to John Strutt and William Hall
D1564/S63 1801 Part of Duffield and Makeney old enclosures with terrier
D1564/S64 1837 Plan of Mr Frost's Bowling Alley
D1564/S65 1837 Plan of four houses and gardens in Belper Lane
D1564/S66 19th cent Rough draft of a small piece of ground next to Castle Orchard Place, Duffield
D1564/S67 19th cent Rough draft of a piece of land called Birch Close
D1564/S68 1843 Plan of a house, nailers shop and garden off Swinney Lane
D1564/S69 19th cent Plan of a small close of 811 sq yd off Forge Road
D1564/S70 19th cent Plan of land at Chevin End belonging to Peter Bate, with terrier
D1564/S71 1844 Rough draft of narrow slang of land near the Matlock Road
D1564/S72 19th cent   Plan of a piece of ground in Belper Dalley
D1564/S73 19th cent   Plan of a piece of ground north of the railway bridge towards Broadholme
D1564/S74 19th cent   Unspecified plan of part of a building
D1564/S75 1856 Sketch of a small bit of land in the south west corner of Berkins Court
D1564/S76 19th cent John Strutt's land near Mill Meadow by the River Derwent
D1564/S77 19th cent   Small plan of a garden
D1564/S78 1859 New gardens at the back of Hedge Row
D1564/S79 19th cent   Land adjoining Chevin Quarry plantation
D1564/S80 19th cent   Land adjoining Chevin Quarry plantation, with notes
D1564/S81 1865 Gratian Field divided into garden allotments, with terrier
D1564/S82 19th cent   Part of Derby-Chesterfield road contiguous to a close of Jedediah Strutt
D1564/S83 19th cent   New carriage drive through the meadows to Bridge Hill
D1564/S84 19th cent   Unspecified plan of farm outbuildings
D1564/S85 1866 Field near the steam corn mill as altered and let to Messrs Nickison and Smith
D1564/S86 19th cent   Garden of Sam Morton at Dalley Lane
D1564/S87 1865 Sketch of Mr Strafford's drying ground and garden in Barn Croft off Market Street Lane and Church Lane
D1564/S88 25 Mar 1796 Bond relating to the building of a new bridge at Belper: Isaac Marshall and Benjamin Marshall to Jedediah Strutt
D1564/S89 19th cent   Plan of house and land at Chevin End
D1564/S90 1872'Intake bought of Shaw' at the side of J Cooper's land at Hazlewood
D1564/S91 1870 Part of Bridge's House Close
D1564/S92 1872 Circular weir (at the mills?)
D1564/S93 1867 Proposed alterations in house at Shottle Gate
D1564/S94 1872 Bull Croft gardens
D1564/S95 19th cent   Arch over the turnpike road at the mills
D1564/S96 1860 Alteration in iron fence in Upper Lawn Bridge Hill concerning addition to pleasure ground
D1564/S97 19th cent   Plots of several pieces of land relating to Farm Road, Old Quarry, Guttin Flat, Moscow Farm Cottage and Will Close
D1564/S98 187624 lines of fluted rollers
D1564/S99 1877 Nozzle of fire engine
D1564/S100 19th cent   Trademark SS Stren Best - copied from wrapper
D1564/S100a 1890 Trademark - Strutt of Derby, copied from wrapper
D1564/S101 1877 Plan of land in Field Lane, Belper, sold to Mr B Bodell
D1564/S102 19th cent   Easel for Girls School
D1564/S103 1879 Small parcel of land in Little Eaton adjoining railway
D1564/S104 1880 Extent and Form: 2 items Area of land bought by G H Strutt near Field Head House with duplicate
D1564/S105 1880 Mould for bricks for circular weir
D1564/S106 1880 Chart of 'A 50 years history of the British Iron Trade' 1830-1880
D1564/S107 1880 Extent and Form: 2 items Trademark traced from wrapper for knitting cotton sent from Warsaw 'T A Przedz. Baw Zawiercie' with note
D1564/S108 1877 Trademark on wrapper received from a 'customer' at Moscow, for S G Stren Dobriy
D1564/S109 19th cent Strutt trademark on wrapper, for G and J Strutt of Derby
D1564/S110 19th cent Extent and Form: 2 items 'Best servings',Manchester trademark, with duplicate
D1564/S111 19th cent Strutt trademark from wrapper, for Strutt of Derby, Belper
D1564/S112 19th cent S S Stren, trademark
D1564/S113 19th cent Advert for the 'Self Acting Flushing Chamber'(Field's Annular Syphon) for town sewers and house drains
D1564/S114 19th cent Access Conditions Not fit for use Plan of ground lay-out of blowing machinery for premises at Todmorden (tracing paper)
D1564/S115 1777 Copy of bill of sale for Milford ironworks
D1564/S116 1880 Tracing of 'dredging boat' used in the Rugby Canal
D1564/S117 1880 Trademarks, Poland, on wrappers Related Material See D1564/S107
D1564/S118 1880 Trademarks, Poland, on wrappers Related Material See D1564/S107
D1564/S119 1880 Trademark for Polish firm, on wrapper Related Material See D1564/S107
D1564/S120 19th cent Icehouse under the garden occupied with the machine house at Short Lands
D1564/S121 1881-1890 Extent and Form: 5 items Various trademarks (H Gregg & Co of Manchester 1886 and knitting cotton of Belper (?) 1881-1890)
D1564/S122 1883 Plan of alterations to be made to premises in Market Street occupied by John Mather with correspondence and section of closet and coal house
D1564/S123 1881 Enlargement (from tithe plan) of a close adjoining King Street
D1564/S124 1882 Elevation of rewinder
D1564/S125 19th cent Extent and Form: 2 items Sketch plan of land adjoining river in Belper, with notes
D1564/S126 1884 Proposed alteration of shop and premises in St George's Place, late of Henry Harrison
D1564/S127 1883 Extent and Form: 2 items Plans of houses at Black Brook occupied by W B Middings
D1564/S128 1886 Drawings of foundations for patent weighbridge for W and J Strutt
D1564/S129 1886 Drawings of foundations for patent weighbridge for W and J Strutt
D1564/S130 1887 South Mill water wheels
D1564/S131 1887 Additions to Rouse's Farm, Belper Lane
D1564/S132 1887 Repairs to Mr John Slater's buildings, Hazelwood
D1564/S133 19th cent Drawings of room for machinery (spinning mules) by Dobson and Barlow Related Material SEE also D1564/S149
D1564/S134 19th cent Drawings of room for machinery (spinning mules) by Dobson and Barlow Related Material SEE also D1564/S149
D1564/S135 1882 Plot adjoining King Street
D1564/S136 19th cent Land adjoining West Mill for Cricket Ground Meadows
D1564/S137 1887 Seating for a 40 hp boiler
D1564/S138 19th cent Wyver Farm and adjoining fields
D1564/S139 19th cent Unspecifield farm and adjoining field (based on tithe?) with terrier of fields
D1564/S140 1887 Alterations to water wheel buckets,   North Mill, W G and J Strutt (made by Butterley Co?)
D1564/S141 19th cent Plan of part of mill, Milford South side
D1564/S142 1887 House plans - renovation for house at Heage occupied by John and Rebecca [E?]lton
D1564/S143 1889 Castle Orchard, Duffield
D1564/S144 1889 Ground plan of house occupied by J Ball, 70 Long Row, Belper
D1564/S145 19th cent Strutt trademark - part of wrapper, for Strutt of Derby, Belper
D1564/S146 c. 1890 Extent and Form: 2 items Strutt trademark - part of wrapper, for Strutt of Derby, Belper, with note of its receipt from Messrs Straw Bros & Sons
D1564/S147 19th cent Rough sketch of wrought iron shaft, Milford
D1564/S148 19th cent 'Forge gardens' showing ground plan of outbuildings
D1564/S149 19th cent Ground plan of room for spinning mules Related Material SEE D1564/S133
D1564/S150 1890 Proposed alterations, 10 and 11 Crown Terrace, Belper
D1564/S160 1887 Access Conditions Not fit for use Drawings of alterations to water wheel buckets, W G and J Strutt (tracing)
D1564/S161 19th cent Extent and Form: 2 items Proposed new buildings, 45 Fore Street


D1564/S162 19th cent Land adjoining Cromford Canal showing colliery [? Hartshay]
D1564/S163 1896 Arrangement of 90 hp single vortex for W G and J Strutt by G Gilkes and Co
D1564/S164 1891 Plan and section of 18 inch pipe drainage through Fishpond Close, at Belper (?)
D1564/S165 1888 Proposed alterations in drainage, Short Rows, Belper
D1564/S166 1888 Extent and Form: 2 items Sections of drainage for the Middle Clusters at Belper
D1564/S167 1891 Proposed alterations to two cottages at Long Row owned by Lord Belper and Co
D1564/S168 1893 No 3 Lion Terrace, Bridge Street, ground plan and part elevation
D1564/S169 1889 Ground plan showing new drainage at Berkins Court and Chevin View, Belper
D1564/S170 1893 Letter regarding drinking water at Broadholme, Herbert White reporting to Messrs Strutt
D1564/S171 1895 Copy of mark applied for by a firm from Erfurt
D1564/S172 1895 Plans of Belper Police Station
D1564/S173 1896 Plans of Makeney Old Hall
D1564/S174 1896 Proposed alterations, Makeney Old Hall Farm
D1564/S175 1896 Proposed alterations, four houses at Scotches, Belper
D1564/S176 1893 Plan of unspecified farm off Wirksworth Road (J Rouse's premises?)
D1564/S177 1898 Proposed sluice gate for fish pond for Herbert Strutt
D1564/S178 1897 Proposed alterations, Milford School class room
D1564/S179 1899 Soft water reservoir, Bridge Hill Gardens
D1564/S180 1895 Conversion of barn into cottage, Dalley Lane
D1564/S181 1898 Part of reeling rooms, Milford Mill, plans and elevation
D1564/S182 1899 Fourth [floor] Milford Mill: Third [floor] Winding Mill, ground plans
D1564/S183 1898 Drawing of pump (? part sprinkler system) Related Material SEE D1564/S185
D1564/S184 19th cent Copy plan, Strutt Company and the late John Strutt's property adjoining Matlock Road
D1564/S185 1898 Foundations to pump
D1564/186 1900 Sprinkler supply pipe to South Mill
D1564/187 19th cent -20th cent Plans of Moscow Farm, Duffield
D1564/188 1900 Proposed cottages at Milford
D1564/189 1900 Proposed farmhouse 'Pennock Hiron' for H Strutt
D1564/190 1904 Medleys' premises, King Street
D1564/191 1904 Medleys' premises, King Street
D1564/192 1903 Peach House, Bridge Hill, Belper for G Herbert Strutt
D1564/193 1903 Tomato House, Bridge Hill, Belper for G Herbert Strutt
D1564/194 1906 Proposed alteration to heating, Makeney Lodge for Henry St John Raikes
D1564/195 1906 Demolition of cottages at Milford Bridge for G H Strutt
D1564/196 1907 Proposed alterations to cottages at the Clusters,   for H Strutt
D1564/197 1907 Proposed alterations to cottages at the Clusters,   for H Strutt
D1564/198 20th cent Proposed cow house, Moscow Farm
D1564/199 20th cent Cottages at Milford for G H Strutt
D1564/200 20th cent Proposed alterations to Swiss House, Chevin
D1564/201 1908 New surgery, the Hollies, Bridge St, Belper
D1564/202 1908 'Nottingham Arms', alterations
D1564/203 1908 Plan of houses, 'late Cockayne', Belper Lane
D1564/204 1908 Proposed new post office, Strutt St, Belper
D1564/205 20th cent Proposed alterations to cottages at North Terrace, Belper for G H Strutt
D1564/206 1908 Proposed alterations to premises in the occupation of B Fletcher, the Chevin, Belper
D1564/207 1908 Proposed alterations to cottage, Belper lane
D1564/208 1910 Proposed warehouse for Miss Gamble, 71 Long Row, Belper
D1564/209 1910 Alterations to premises on Bridge Street
D1564/210 1911 Blouse factory, Derwent St, Belper
D1564/211 1911 Proposed additions to the Hollies, Belper
D1564/212 1902 Details of service reservoir for Brailsford water supply (tracing, copied 1911)
D1564/213 1902 Valve chamber for service reservoir (as in D1564/S212)
D1564/214 1872 Circular weir
D1564/215 19th cent Extent and Form: 2 items Sketch map of part of Belper, with sheet with only 'Messrs Strutt's land at Farnah (?) Vale' written on it
D1564/216 19th cent Draft map of part of Belper
D1564/217 19th cent Draft map of Ashleyhay
D1564/218 1824 Plan of part of Messrs Strutt's Lane End Farm
D1564/219 19th cent Plan of unspecified farm (small)
D1564/S221 1830 Drawing from 1830 conveyance (copied 1913), unidentified land sold by Samuel Marshall and others to Anthony Ride
D1564/S222 1913 Additions to farm buildings, Makeney Old Hall
D1564/S223 1914 Small property belonging to W Holden & Son
D1564/S224 20th cent Small area of land adjoining Belper Lane
D1564/S225 1913 Section of floor of old mill showing flower pot arches
D1564/S226 1913 Property adjoining High Pavement near Market Square
D1564/S227 20th cent Part of mill adjoining River Derwent showing males toilets
D1564/S228 1856 Tracing of conveyance plan relating to parish (?)land on Belper-Derby road
D1564/S229 1915 Drawings of suggested new front windows for 'The Poplars', Belper
D1564/S230 1915 Drawings of suggested new front windows for 'The Poplars', Belper
D1564/S231 1913 Drains at Hedge Row and Short Rows
D1564/S232 1914 Small area of land for public lavatories on Matlock Road
D1564/S233 1920 The Bungalow, Mill Street
D1564/S234 1920 Detail of brick drain, Berkins Court
D1564/S235 1915 Principal beams in unspecified structure, tracing in pencil
D1564/S236 1919 Pump and well, George Street, near channel from William Street
D1564/S237 1904 See D1564/S279 Green Hall School drains
D1564/S238 1920 9 inch surface water drain laid down between River Derwent and Derby Road
D1564/S239 1919 See D1564/S265 Land between the River Derwent and Bridge Street as in conveyance of 1893
D1564/239a 1922 Small piece of land belonging to trustees of Sunday School at Little Eaton
D1564/S240 1922 Small plot of land sold to J T Wykes at Little Eaton
D1564/S241 1905 Plan of pair of houses erected, Market Street Lane
D1564/S242 1919 Properties adjoining Derby Road
D1564/S243 1914 Plan of various properties in Belper with terrier of tenants names
D1564/S244 20th cent Proposed charabanc park of New Inn, Milford
D1564/S245 1924 Two houses, Gratians Field, Chesterfield Road
D1564/S246 1920 Land between Chapel Street and River Derwent
D1564/S247 1911 Four cottages at Milford
D1564/S248 1921 'Brailsford - Plan of Sewage'
D1564/S249 1922 Small parcel of land at Belper, showing land of Mrs Salt and Derwent Hosiery Co
D1564/S250 1914 Iron foundry, Milford by River Derwent
D1564/S251 1914 Iron foundry, Milford by River Derwent (copied 1921)
D1564/S252 1922 Part of Shottlegate Farm, showing drainage for outbuildings
D1564/S253 1919 Proposed WCs and coal houses, 40-53 Long Row, Belper Related Material SEE D1564/S258
D1564/S254 1920 West Lodge, Ashbourne Road
D1564/S255 1920 Proposed cottage at Milford for G Herbert Strutt opposite memorial ground
D1564/S256 1923 Ashbourne Road water, near West Lodge
D1564/S257 1922 Proposed additions to No 1 Swinney Lane, Belper for G H Strutt Related Material SEE D1564/S262
D1564/S258 1922 Proposed WCs for 40-53 Long Row, Belper Related Material SEE D1564/S253
D1564/S259 1924 Belper Gas Works, for Derby Gas Light and Coke Co
D1564/S260 1914 Iron foundry, Milford
D1564/S261 1923 Milford House, new heating apparatus
D1564/S262 20th cent Proposed additions to 1 Swinney Lane, Belper Related Material SEE D1564/S257
D1564/S263 20th cent Valve controlling fire hydrant, Ashbourne Road
D1564/S264 1925 Additions to Carr Wood, Brailsford
D1564/S265 1919 Sketch plan, Belper Mills (from a deed) Related Material SEE D1564/S239
D1564/S266 1919 Part of Derby Road
D1564/S267 1926 New washhouses, Forge Hill
D1564/S268 1926 Proposed 2-stall stable, Chevin (late Varney)
D1564/S269 1927 Water supply pipe lines - golf course to Moscow Farm and Milford House lawn
D1564/S270 20th cent Hill Top, Makeney
D1564/S271 1927 Part of Long Row relating to tenancies/potato lots
D1564/S272 1927 Extension to cemetery, Matlock Road, Belper
D1564/S273 1927 Nether Farm, Holbrook
D1564/S274 1927 Land at Long Row Schools
D1564/S275 1890 Letter regarding proposed additions to houses in Crown Terrace, Belper, from B Argile, building surveyor to Belper Local Board
D1564/S276 1924 Proposed development Albert St, Belper for G H Strutt with accompanying letter from J Hunter, architect
D1564/S277 1924 Proposed development Albert St, Belper for G H Strutt with accompanying letter from J Hunter, architect
D1564/S278 1918 Garden allotments in Mrs Salt's meadow, Derby Road, Belper
D1564/S279 1923 Plan of drains from New Inn to Green Lane
D1564/S280 1926 Drawing of a shelter (for seats)
D1564/S281 1913 Greenhouse at Bridge Hill
D1564/S282 1896 Revised arrangement of gearing for W G & J Strutt
D1564/S283 20th cent Block plan, four cottages, Shaw Lane, Milford
D1564/S284 1915 Two cottages, 21-22 Belper Lane
D1564/S285 20th cent Sketch of lands adjoining Wirksworth-Belper road near Leacrofts and Broadgate
D1564/S286 19th cent Map of railways opened and in progress in Northern and Central Europe, produced by Bradshaw and Blackrock Ltd of Manchester and London. On the reverse are drawings of machines made by Dunn Hattersley and Co, Manchester42 miles to 1 inch
D1564/S287 1846 Map of the lines of railway (made, being made and projected) of the South Eastern Company (Kent and Sussex area)3 miles to 1 inch
D1564/S288 1847 Map of England and Wales showing the diversity of the gauge and spread of the duplicate railway system, produced as a supplement to the Railway Chronicle of 15 May 1847
D1564/S289 1874 Map of the Great Western Railway of Canada and of the Eastern and Western connections
D1564/S290 19th cent Map of the Atlantic and Great Western Railway (New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio) and proposed connections with the Philadelphia and Reading, and Grand Trunk Railway of Canada
D1564/S293 1880 Map of the coal properties of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Co, supplementary to the Railway News of 23 Oct 1880
D1564/S294 1866 Map of the Great Western Railway and connecting lines
D1564/S295 1846 Supplement to the Railway Chronicle No 16 (18 Apr 1846),with a mpa of England and Wales occupied by broad and narrow gauge railways, a list of railways sanctioned by Parliament in the 1845 session, and a list of passenger railways open for traffic
D1564/S296 19th cent Map of Atlantic and Great Western Railway with its connections
D1564/S297 1874 Map of Great Western of Canada Railway showing the eastern connections at the Suspension Bridge, the International Bridge and Buffalo
D1564/S298 19th cent Map of the West Midland Railway
D1564/S299 19th cent Kelly's map of Leicestershire and Rutland, including a plan of Leicester
D1564/S300 1871 Map showing the North British, Arbroath and Montrose Railway and its connections
D1564/S301 1871 Map showing the North British, Arbroath and Montrose Railway and its connections
D1564/S302 19th cent Map of the North Staffordshire Railway and its connections with other lines, together with the Trent and Mersey Canal and its connections
D1564/S303 1848 Statement of the Secretary of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway concerning steam boat traffic across the Channel (8 May 1848), with plan showing the companies lines in England, steam boat routes and railway connections in France
D1564/S304 19th cent Map of railway lines within the area bounded by Exeter, Weymouth, Reading, London, Peterborough, Sheffield, Liverpool and Neath
D1564/S305 1880 Rough sketch by G W Hampson showing layout for carding/textile machines

For additional maps & plans relating to Belper, see here

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