Early Records: Vills & Freeholders in Derbyshire 1633

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This is a transcription of The Vills and Freeholders of Derbyshire in 1633. It is extracted from the Journal of the Derbyshire Archaelogical Society -Volume 6 page 49 . 1884-1885. Freeholders, or free tenants were those who held portions of the demesne lands, as opposed to land held in villenage.

The Belper section is contained in the Appletree Hundred

If you would like to see the entire Derbyshire entry, you can download the PDF file (25 MB) here.


Preamble to the List:

The following list has been transcribed from a MS. in the possession of Mr. G. A.Cubley, of Sheffield, who has kindly allowed it to be printed. The MS., which is of small quarto size, is written on paper bound m a parchment wrapper. It is evidently a draft, and is written in a good clerical hand, with erasures and additions by a more dashing but much more illegible writer. The additions are distinguished by being printed in italics.

It will be noticed that the list does not include the town of Derby. I conjecture that it was made for some legal purpose, and that this town fell under a different assessment. Only one freeholder, " Arthur Mower," is given under the head of Chesterfield.

The abbreviated words alloc. bre, p'cator, etc., written in the margin, present some difficulty. The former may be allocatinis breve, meaning a writ or certificateof excuse, and I conjecture, with considerable diffidence, that the latter may be procurator.

If we take this document as a jury list, as probably it is, the words written in the margin become intelligible. Moreover, the absence of the names of peers, etc., is accounted for. I have expanded mil’ terr-'' whenever it occurs into militaris terra, that is land held by knight-service.

Nomina villarum et liberorum tenentium infra hundredum de: Scarsdale + et resid[entium] Comitatus Derbiensis
Staveley. Petrus Fretchvile, Miles. Jus[ticiarius.]
  Robertus Turner, alloc bre.
  Humfridus Brelsford
  Rogerus Watson.
Herdinges. Robertus Rollinson.
Couldaston. Rolandus Revell.
  Johannes Blithe.
  Georgius Wright.[name Erased] Mil[itaris] ter[ra.]
  Richardus Cokes.
Barley. Willelmus Shawe, generosus.
  Arthurus Mawre, generosus. alloc bre.
  Petrus Tippinge.
  Franciscus Caulton.
  Franciscus Owtram.
  George Slator.
Scarcliff. Willelmus Bradley.
  Johannes Kesteven. [Erased]
  Thomas Spaulton.
Duckmanton. Robertus Standley. p'.
  Willelmus Rogers.
Tibshelfe. Johannes Ouldham.
  Richardus Buckland [Erased.]
  Volentine Jonson.
Carnethwaite. Edwardus Revell, Armiger. Jus[ticiarius]
Pingston. Franciscus Byffeild, generosus. alloc.
  Christoferus Wood, alloc.
  Thomas Boote. alloc.
  Anthonius Bennitt.
  Hugo Farnesworth.
  Anthonius Farnsworth.
South Normanton Thomas Marriott.
  Johannes Wilson.
  Georgius Stubbinge.
Ogston. Edwardus Revell, Armiger.
Whittington Nicholaus Sprentall. p.
  Godfridus Stubbinge.
  Ricardus Lowe.
  Johannes Somersall.
  Franciscus Renshaw.
Dunston. Thomas Poynton.
Wingerworth. Willelmus Reynoulds.
Sherland. Thomas Ludlam.
Unston. Johannes Bullocke, generosus.
  Franciscus Stevenson, generosus.
  Godfridus Owtram.
  Robertus Goodlade.
Somerley. Franciscus Curtis, generosus. p' ca.
  Jacobus Cowper.
Crowlane. Johannes Clarke.
Hill houses. Thomas Brelsford.
  Franciscus Clay.
Swathwicke. Georgius Wagstaffe. alloc bre.
  Thomas Hancocke. alloc bre.
  Henricus Parker.
  J'ohannes Barlowe (?)
Sutton. Franciscus Beveridge. Recus[ans.]
  Thomas Marshall.
Whitwell. Georgius Westby.
Allferton. Anthonius Moorewood, generosus.
  Georgius Turner, senex.
  Johannes Howlmes. p’cat
  Edmundus Memott.
  Johannes Duffeild.
  Johannes Sutton.
  Willelmus Bacon, alloc bre.
  Rogerus Sutton [erased.]. Mil[itaris] ter[ra.]
Ashover. Ralphe Chriche, generosus.
  Johannes Gregory, generosus.
  Johannes Mason. p’.
  Edwardus Newton, infirm.
  Egidius Cowley
  Johannes Hill, alloc bre.
  Franciscus Clay, generosus.
  Franciscus Stubbinge.
  Phillippus Flinte. alloc bre
  Johannes Lowe, recus[ans.]
  Thomas Platts. alloc.
Alferton } Riddings} Phillippus Rowleston, generosus.
  Gilbertus Weste, generosus.
Swanwicke Henricus Williamson.
  Johannes Wood.
  Edwardus Wood.
  Edwardus Hunt.
Beighton. Jacobus Jessopp.
  Henricus Waynwrighte.
  Johannes Hobson.
  Godfridus Morten.
  Epifanus Scales.
  Ricardus Treeton.
  Georgius Shirte.
  Willelmus Blithe.
Hackenthorpe. Willelmus Staneford. Mil[ilaris] ter[ra]
  Johannes Newbould.
  Thomas Creswicke
Berley. Robertus Foxe.
Beighton feilde. Henricus Hewitt, recus[ans]
Barlbrough. Johannes Rodes, miles.
  Christoferus Slater, generosus.
  Henricus Turner, alloc bre.
  Henricus Smyth.
  Georgius Machin.
  Wm. Smith.
Blackwell. Johannes Boote.
  Ricardus Richardson, generosus.
  Stephanus Wilkinson.
  Johannes Turner, alloc.
  Anthonius Wilson.
  Willelmus Thorpe.
  Willelmus Marriott.
  Johannes Buller.
  Johannes Dawson.
  Ricardus Dawson.
  La. Thorpe (?) [Erased.]
  Thomas Oxecroft.
Dranfeild Woodhouse Franciscus Crookes.
  Robertus Owtram.
Haslande. Robertus Rose, generosus.
Stubley. Radulphus Hancocke.
  Thomas Mellor.
Dranfeild. Jervacius Staynerod.
  Robertus Outram.
  Carolus Blithe, Armiger.
  LionelI Fanshazc, Armiger.
Eckington. Henricus Wigfall, generosus.
  Georgius Sitwell, generosus.
  Willelmiis Cooper, generosus.
  Johannes Levicke.
  Willelmus Rotheram.
Bramley. Thomas Staniford.
Ridgway.  Gilbertus Rotheram.
  (The name following is obliterated)
Forde. Thomas Curtis.
Pouey. Thomas Kente.
  Johannes Kirkeby.
Caldewell. Willelmus Leighe, generosus.
Renishawe. Willelmus Cowley.
  Robertus Cowley.
Creswell. Alexander Vessey. Mil[iltaris] ter[ra.]
Glapwell Robertus Woolhouse, Armiger.
Milnethorpe. Georgius Mawre.
Chesterfeild  Arthurus Mawre.
Dore.  Edwardus Barker, Armiger.
  Stephanus Bright.
  Johannes Raworth.
  Edwardus Moore.
  Robertus Hounsfeild
Brampton. Godfridus Watkinson, generosus.
  Henricus Bullocke, Armiger.
  Georgius Turner.
  Johannes Stevenson.
  Willehnus Shawe.
  Franciscus Stevenson.
  Willemusus Doe.
  Anthonius Crafte, generosus.
  Godfridus Cooke.
  Thomas Ashe.
Hallcliffe House Johannes Stevenson.
Hay Milne. Ricardus Martyn.
  Ricardus Stevenson.
Totley. Johannes Brelsford.
  Georgius Newbould 
Killomershe. Johannes Harvey. Senor
  Johannes Brelsford.
Cutthorpe. Georgius Heathcott.
  Georgius Harvey, impotens.
  Georgius Shawe.
  Thomas Hollis.
Conygree. Thomas Brelsford.
Northwinfeild. Johannes Brelsford.
Wadshelfe. Edwardus Allyn.
  Edwardus Heward.
  Georgius Revell.
Wigley. Jacobus Caulton.
Prat Hall. Petrus Caulton.
Norton. Leonerdus Gill, generosus.
  Georgius Gill, generosus.
  Edwardus Urton, alias Steaven.
  Johannes Blythe, alias Rotheram.
  Johannes Bullocke, Armiger. Justiciarius.
  Rolandus Moorewood.
  Johannes Urton, alias Steaven.
Norton Parva. Johannes Parker.
  Hugo Rollinson.
Norton Lees. Godfridus Barten.
  Willelmus Blithe.
  Willelmus Hudson
Greenehill. Johannes Kirke.
Hage. Robertus Turner.
  Robertus Hitche.
Spinkhill. Georgius Poole, junior, Armiger. Recus[ans]
  Georgius Poole, senior,generosus Recus[ans]
  Johannes Poole. Recus[ans]
Brimington. Ricardus Cowpe.
  Anthonius Saxon.
Spittlefeild. Robertus Shawe.
Clowne. Henricus Barker.
  Edmondus Woodhead.
  Ricardus Tompkyn.
Hanley. Ricardus Milward.
Sherbrooke. Matheus Foxe.
South Winfeild. Thomas Plats.
Troway Robertus Turner.
Himsworth. Willelmus Hudson. 
Workesworth. Henricus Wigley.
  Thomas Taylor.
  Georgius Sommers.
  Johannes Lee [erased] Mil[itaris] ter[ra]
Wigwall grange. Richardus Wigley, generousus
Prat Hall Robertus Toplis
Perwich Johannes Gould  alloca
  Matheus Halley
  Johannes Pegg
  Johannes Dakyn  alloc
  Simo Dakyn
  Thomas Alsopp  alloc
  Ricardus Roe   remember allo
  Willelmus Alsopp  alloc bre
Hopton Anthonius Steeple
  Georgius Cockeyn
  Willelmus Greatrax
Thorpe Johannes Stubbs [erased]   mil[itaris] ter[ra]
Carsington Thomas Buxton   pc.
  Radulphus Gell.
  Edwardus Vallence.
  Robertus Westerne [erased]
  Willelmus Steeple [erased].
Brassington. Johannes Buxton, generosus.
  Willelmus Westerne, generosus [erased] morte.
  Edwardus Lane, generosus.
  Rolandus Alsopp.
  Radulphus Walton.
  Robertus Westerne
Bradburne. Georgius Buxton [erased]. mort[uus est]. pc.
  Thomas Hande.
  Ricardus Harrison [erased]
Tissington. Matheus Wright.
  Arthurus Smyth.
Kniveton. Nicholaus Hurt, generosus.
Fenny Bentley. Willelmus Sherwin.
  Georgius Spooner.
  Humfridus Manifould [underlined].
Ashburne. Franciscus Eaton, generosus
  Rogerus Jackson, generosus.
  Gervacius Prince, alloc.
  Georgius Lees.
  Robertus Webster
  Edwardus Shawe. alloc.
  Willelmus Tayler.
  Johannes Alleyne [altered to ''Allen.'']
  Edwardus Buxton.
  Thomas Taylor, alloc.
  Willelmus Owfeild.
  Willelmus Fletcher, alloc bre.
  Edwardus Harrison, p’cator.
  Thomas Wood.
  Rogerus Owfeild.
Hognaston. Johannes Slater.
  Franciscus Osbaston.
  Humfredus Alsopp.
Kirke Ireton. Johannes Jackson.
  Henricus Twigge.
  Radulphus Twigge.
  Thomas Toplis.
  Ricardus Cowper.
  Georgius Storer.
  Robertus Smyth.
  Rolandus Higgett. p'cat.
Middleton juxta Workesworth. Johannes Spencer.
Matlocke. Anthonius Woodward.
  Anthonius Cotterell.
  Thomas Flynte, generosus.
  Anthonius Bowne.
  Willelmus Ludlam [erased], alloc.
  Adamus Woolley. alloc bre. J. C.
  Georgius Bowne.
  Willehmis Woolley [erased]
Tansley. Henricus Stalham.
  Georgius Spateman.
Hartington. Ricardus Bateman, generosus.
  Thomas Fearne p'cator. [erased],
Hurdlowe. Edwardus Brereton, generosus.
  Robertus Dale, Mort
  Johannes Froggatt.
Whildon trees. [Blank] Goodwyn. Mort
Crowdicote. Ricardus Sterndale. p'cat.
Needham Grange. Willelmus Mellande.
  Thomas Lomas [altered to Robertus].
Bonsall. Anthonius Shawe. Mort
  Thomas Marple.
  Edwardus Wooley.
  Thomas Needham.
  Thomas Bennett.
  Johannes Greatrax.
  Georgius Wood.
  Georgius Hardinge.
  Georgius Bowne. alloc
  Anthonius Hardinge.
Biginge. Laurencius Feme [altered to Thomas.]   p’cat.
Biginge grange. Johannes Sleigh  generosus. alloc bre
Heathcott. Johannes Humbleton.
  Willelmus Feme.
Cowley. Ricardus, Senior, generosus. alloc bre.
Bridgetowne Jacobus Ouldefeild  [erased]
  Robertus Steere.
Middleton juxta Youlgrave Willelmus Riddierd. p’cat.
  Robertus Bateman. p’cat.
Crumforde  Thomas Woodiwis.
Ballidon. Rogerus Hurt, generosus.
Greene. Johannes Feme. mil[itaris] ter[ra]
Blackwall. Johannes Blackwall.
Wooscote grange. Georgius Crichloe. generosus.
Alsopp. Johannes Mellor. alloc bre
Alderwaslee. Edwardus Lowe. Armiger.
  Johannes Rowland.
  Thomas Winfeild
Ashlehey. Willelmus Storer.
Thurvaston. Thomas Merryman [erased]. mil[itaris] ter[ra]
Windley hill. Robertus Rowe, generosus. alloc bre.
Biginge. Martinus Alsopp.
Hollande. Johannes Kniveton, generosus [Erased].
  Laurencius Wetton, generosus.
  Willelmus Webster.
  Martinus Alsopp.
Windly. Johannes Stables.
Haslewood. Franciscus Bruckshawe, generosus.
  Thomas Johnson, generosus.
  Willehmus Woollatt, generosus..
  Petrus Alsopp.
Belper. Georgius Sellers, p'cat
Duffeild. Willelmus Raynor, generosus.
  Nicholas Ouldham, generosus..
  Willelmus Parker.
  Franciscus Hodgkinson.
Lockoe. Thomas Gilberte, Armiger.
Chaddesden. Robertus Willimott, Armiger.
  Franciscus Cockine, generosus..
  Ricardus Cheadle.
  Edwardus Newton.
  Edwardus Carter.
  Robertus Rowland, generosus.
  Ricardus Roe, generosus.
  Robertus Bamford.
Spoondon. Thomas Hollingworth [Erased].
  Johannes Hollingworth.
  Franciscus Brecknocke, generosus.
  Robertus Wright, generosus.
  Johannes Lockoe.
  Robertus Knowles.
  Thomas Widoson.
  Johannes Taylor.
  Johannes Carrington, generosus.
Bredsall. Robertus Walker.
  Willelmus Walker.
Muginton. Johannes Ratcliffe, generosus.
Radburne. Ricardus Poole, generosus.
Dalberie. Johannes Fowler, generosus.
  Johannes Barke.
  Franciscus Fowler.
Dalberie Lees. Georgius Dickenson, generosus.
  Jervacius Brough.
  Ricardus Aulte.
  Ricardus Hankinson.
  Johannes Hankinson.
Stenson. Willelmus Kniveton, generosus. Twyford.
  Thomas Sharpe.
  Johannes Stone.
  Willelmus Holmes.
Etwall. Thomas Heacocke. Mort.
  Willelmus Clarke. Recusans] alc.
  Alexander [blank].
Bournaston Michaell Beere.
Hilton. Johannes Terry.
  Arthurus Harrison.
  Willelmus Eliott.
Hatton. Tristram Dantrie.
  Ricardus Lawford. alloc.
  Mauricius Dilkes.
  Robertus Hill.
Church Broughton. Johannes Parker, generosus.
  Robertus Brinsley.
  Robertus Yealde.
  Henricus Bullivant.
  Johannes Moore.
Scropton.  Josephus Rossingtoii.
  Radulphus Yeald.
  Radulphus Moore.
  JohannesArcher? [Erased]. mil[itaris]ter[ra]
Boylston Walterus Lorde, generosus.
  Thomas Chalmer. p'cat'.
  Johannes Alsopp.
  Georgius Stone.
  Henricus Wilson.
  Johannes Bayly.
Osleston. Simo Heane.
Ednaston. Willelmus Miles.
Hollington. Thomas Holme, generosus.
  Johannes Millington.
  Willelmus Smyth [Erased].
  Johannes Smyth.
  Johannes Bakewell.
Culland. Thomas Draper, generosus.
Sherley. Humfridus Pegg. alloc bre.
Yeavelie. Radulphus Pegg.
Snelson. Nicholaus Coxon.
  Johannes Archer.
  Radulphus Doxeye.
Ladehole. Johanes Lees, generosus.
Sturson. Henricus Ould, generosus.
Osmaston juxta Ashbourne Johannes Kniveton, generosus.
  Georgius Pegg. p’cat
  Johannes Terry.
  Franciscus Bearde.
  Johannes Twigg, jun[ior]
  Jacobus Prince.
  Ricardus Hall.
  Robertus Hord. alloc.
  Willelmus Hord.
  Thomas Riglie.
Wyaston. Jacobus Ashton. alloc bre.
  Johannes Salte.
  Georgius Froste.
  Thomas Sherwin.
Rodesly. Petrus Prince.
  Stephanus Parker.
  Nathaniell Fitzherbert.
Somersall. Ricardus Stubbinge. generosus.
  Ricardus Stubbinge, generosiis [Erased]
  Johannes Ierland.
  Johannes Bowringe
  Thomas Raborne ?
Dovebridge. Ricardus Gilberte.
Marson Mountgomerye Ranulphus Cowpe, jiw;/. (yeoman).
  Willehmus Prince, generosus.
  Georgius Cowpe, yom.
  Johannes Woolley.
  Johannes Conway, p’c
  Willelmus Ditch.
  Ricardus Stubbinge, generosus [Erased]
Wadelye. Johannes Froggatt [Erased].
  Willelmus Bower.
  Anthonius Loton.
  Edwardus Burton.
  Nicholaus Loton, senex [Erased].
Marson next Tutbury Walterus Bagnold. alloc.
Ashe Samuell Sligh, Armiger. Consil[iarius]
Wilsley. Georgius Abney, Armiger.
Catton. Christoferus Horton, Armiger.
Stretton. Johannes Browne, Armiger. al bre. J.C.
Repton. Godfridus Thacker, Armiger.
Cauldrt'all. Callingwood Saunders, generosus.
Horteshorne. Johannes Benskyn, generosus.
  Jacobus Royle, generosus.
Walton Samuell Whyttinge, generosus. alloc.
Staping hill. Johannes Coxe, generosus.
Chealeston. Johannes Olliver, generosus.
  Ricardus Whyniates, generosus.
Melburne. Henricus Cundy, generosus.
Heathcott. Johannes Adames, generosus.
Chilcote. Ricardus Vernon, generosus.
Walton. Johannes Tealer.
Cauldwall. Willelmus Caliingwood.
  Edwardus Holland.
Walton. Radulphus Tayler
  Ricardus Tomlinson.
Linton. Henricus Caliingwood.
  Johannes Burton.
  Johannes Daweman. Mortuus
Okethorpe. Walterus Hartle [Erased].
  Walterus Tayler.
  Robertus Teatte.
  Franciscus Dethicke.
Coton. Thomas Tayler.
Repton. Johannes Cantrell, generosus
  Gilbertus Hyde.
  Ricardus Weate.
  Ricardus Measume.
  Henricus Weate.
  Ricardus Hunt.
Miltonne. Thomas Hill.
  Gilbertus Browne.
Kinges Newton. Robertus Ragg.
  Willemus Bucknall.
  Brianus Cantrell.
  Johannes Cantrell.
Appleby. Thomas Houlden.
  Willelmus Spencer.
  Ricardus Prowdman
  Carolus Wright.
  Edwardus Heafeild.
  Ricardus Earpe [Erased].
  Matheus Pratte
Chelleston. Willelmus Roberts.
  Willelmus Rose.
  Edwardus Roberts.
  Willelmus Sore.
  Willelmus Wilder.
Harteshorne. Thomas Hopkyn. Servus.
Swarson. Johannes Bancrofte.
Winshill. Johannes Henshawe.
Stapenhall. Henricus Bee
Edingale. Willelmus Moseley.
Ticknall. Franciscus Poker (sic).
  Robertus Gillter [altered to Gilbert]
Potlocke. Ricardus Weate.
Osmaston. Robertus Carter.
  Saintlow Dawson.
  Laurencius Ball.
  Johannes Steare.
  Willelmus Leaper.
Litleover. Ricardus Vickars.
  Georgius Porter.
  Willelmus Porter [Erased]. ? Senex. p’cat
  Gabriell Hopkyn.
  Humfredus Hall.
  Thomas Shepheard.
  Johannes Shepheard.
  Willelmus Twigge.
  Ranulphus Wade, generosus.
Weston Underwood.  Robertus Bamforde.
Marketon. Franciscus Mundy, Armiger,
  Johannes Agarde.
Allestree. Henricus Barker.
  Edmondus Smyth.
  Radulphus Baker.
Kilburne. Carolus Hope, generosus.
  Henricus Hunter.
Padley feildes. Isaacus Smyth, Armiger.
Ripley. Jacobus Wright generosus.
  Ricardus Ryley.
  Johannes Wathie.
  Willelmus Boultby.
  Georgius Hunter.
  Robertus Ryley.
Codnor. Johannes Clarke, generosus.
  Zouch Wilde.
  Thomas Wilson, alloc bre. J.C.
  Johannes Piggen.
  Christoferus Dakyn.
  Willelmus Stubinge.
  Ricardus Clarke.
 Loscoe. Thomas Johnson, generosus.
  Thomas Vickers, generosus.
Denby. Vincencius Lowe, Armiger.
Heynor. Edwardus Bludworth.
Langleye Heanor. Robertus Dodson.
Milne Hay. Johannes Thwates, Armiger. alloc bre.
Kirke Langley. Ricardus Parker.
  Johannes Malton [Erased]
  Willelmus Malton.
Mackworth. Willelmus Botham.
Lockoe. Thomas Gilberte, Armiger. alloc.
Okebrooke. Robertus Piggen.
  Johannes Adames.
  Michaell Jellicocke.
  Willelmus Battle.
  Thomas Cooke.
  Ricardus James.
  Johannes Cowper [Altered to] Thomas
  Ricardus Saunderson.
  Mich James. (?)
Little Chester. Nathaniell Bate, Armiger.
Draycott. Humfredus Carter.
Breason. Michaell Whitehead.
  Jervacius Whitehead.
Rysley. Henricus Willoughby, Barr[onettus] p’cat.
Long Eaton. Michaell Pyni, generosus.
  Ricardus Howett.
  Edwardus Burton.
  Johannes Dodson.
  Wm. Crofte.
Aston super Trent. Johannes Hunt, generosus.
  Robertus Cowper.
  Johannes Roulston, Jun[ior]
Shardlowe. Robertus Porter generosus. [ Erased] Mortuus.
  Ricardus Sales, generosus.
Willington. Godfridus Meynell, generosus.
Finderne.  Johannes Wilson.
  Robertus Wilson.
  Johannes Knight.
  Thomas Hopkyn.
  Johannes Cooke.
  Franciscus Houlden.
  Hugo Roome.
  Johannes Wilder [altered to " Wm."]
  Michaell Porter.
  Georgius Wilson.
Mickleover. Ricardus Earle.
  Ricardus Jessopp.
  Willelmus Botham.
  Johannes Porter.
  Henricus Butler.
  Johannes Cowper [Erased]
  Gabriell Spencer.
  Johannes Tabarer.
  Edwardus Newton, generosus.
  Robertus Jackson [Erased] mil[itaris] terr[a]
  Willelmus Cotchett.
  Henricus Hanson.
Little Eaton. Edmondus Parker, generosus.
Frichley. Ricardus Frichley. alloc bre.
Watstandwell. Anthonius Wylde.
  Jacobus Oates.
Barrow. Willelmus Sales, generosus.
  Rogerus Gilberte.
Darley. Johannes Braddowe.
  Georgius Gladwin.
Bircheover. Willelmus Watson.
  Ricardus Beresford. p'arcator (sic).
  Rogerus Eyre, geuerosus. p'arcator (sic).
Winster. Johannes Tomlinson.
  Ricardus Halley. p’cator.
  Ricardus Ashmore.
  Willelmus Parker [Erased]
  Willelmus Watson.
  Edwardus Parker.
Stanton. Radulphus Bache, generosus.
  Ricardus Cawton.
  Georgius Sternedale. p’cat.
  Willelmus Birdes, [generosus erased].
Yolgrave. Nicholaus Gilberte, Armiger. alloc bre.
  Johannes Whitacres, generosus. p’cator mort.
  Johannes Briddon, generosus.
  Ricardus Garratt. alloc bre.
  Samuell Roberts.
  Franciscus Bradbury, generostis. alloc bre.
  Franciscus Foxe, generosus. Mortuus est. p’cat, [Erased.]
  Franciscus Foxe, generosus.
Over Haddon. Ricardus Greaves, generosus. Cap[italis] Const[abularius.]
  Ricardus Hodgkinson.
  Hugh Newton.
  Georgius Brodehurst.
  Georgius Hodgkinson.
Bakewell. Johannes Woodhouse, generosus.
  Franciscus Burton.
  Johannes Twigge.
  Rogerus Bretnor.
  Franciscus Sterndale.
  Willelmus Riddyard
  Georgius Riddyard.
  Edward Heaward
Lees. Henricus Lees, generosus.
  Henricus Hardye.
Beely. Robertus Norman.
  Johannes Heald. alloc bre. J.C.
  Henricus Norman.
  Robertus Wright.
  Johannes Froggatt. alloc bre.
  Johannes Greaves, generosus [Erased].
Basloe. Godfridus Chapman.
Hassop. Thomas Eyre, Armiger.
  Johannes Townrowe [Erased] . mil[itaris] ter[ra]
  Henricus Townrowe. alloc bre.
  Rolandus Harrison, generosus. p’
Pilsley. Radulphus Pennyston.
  Henricus Heyward, milltaris terra p'c.
  Henricus Greenesmyth.
  Franciscus Rippon de Pilsley.
Longston Magna. WillelmusWright, generosus.
  Willelmus Winscombe.
Sheldon. Thomas Barker.
  Rogerus Dicken.
Monyashe. Henricus Sheldon.
  Rogerus Harrison.
  Christoferus Iley. alloc bre.
  Humfridus Goodwin.
  Thomas Newton
  Ricardus Dale [one or two words following blotted out]
  Thomas Harrison.
Hurdlowe. Josephus Goodwin.
  Edwardus Bruerton.
Flagge. Robertus Dale, generosus. p’cat.
  Edwardus Platts [Erased] in minioritate.
Chelmerton. Thurstanus Dale, [erased.] mil[itaris] ter[ra].
  Radulphus White.
  Robertus Dakyn. alloc bre.
  Willelmus Robinson, alloc bre.
  Robertus Buxton.
  Thomas Robinson.
  Symo Buxton.
  Jo : Buxton.
Taddington. Elizeus Dicken.
  Ricardus Foxlowe.
  Robertus Innocent.
  Johannes Newton.
  Robertus Bagshawe.
  Thomas Buxton.
  Henricus Booth.
  Edwardus Jackson.
  Rogerus Harrison.
  Willelmus Bretnor. alloc bre.
Prestcliffe. Willelmus Dakyn.
  Johannes Wilson.
  Henricus Eaton.
  Rogerus Wibbersley.
  Radulphus Lees. mil[itaris] ter[ra].
Twichell. Robertus Warde. alloc bre.
Stadon. Willelmus Bateman.
  Rolandus Morewood.
  Andreus Morewood. alloc bre.
Eyam Thomas Bray, generosus
  Nathaniell Middleton.
  Ricardus Gregorie.
Wardlowe. [Blank] Bennett.
Holme. Barnardus Wells, generosus.
Highlowe. Thomas Eyre, Armiger.
Offerton. Radulphus Glossopp.
Fearnelee. Ricardus Bennett.
  Leonardus Lowe.
Grindleforde bridge. Thomas Lucas.
Hathersedge. Johannes Eyre.
  Lionell Smilter.
  Laurencius Walehead.
Carrhead. Johannes Wilcockson.
North lees. Willelmus Savage.
Thornhill. Thomas Thornhill, jun[ior] alloc bre. J.C.
  Johannes Poynton.
Aston. Thomas Balgey, generosus.
  Willelmus Darwend.
  Johannes Ashton.
Ashopp. Thomas Howe, generosus. alloc bre. J.C.
  Robertus Morten.
Birchenlee. Edwardus Haighe, generosus.
Dingebanke. Robertus Eyre, generosus.
Over Shatton.  Ricardus Stevenson generosus.
Brugh. Franciscus Ashton. alibi.
Hope. Ottuellus Smyth, alloc bre. J.C.
  Thomas Stevenson [Erased]
  Nicholaus Hatfield, alloc bre.
Bradwall Johannes Hallam.
  Willelmus Marshall.
  Milo Marshall.
Redseates. Stephanus Staley, generosus.
Edall. Robertus Hall, alloc bre.
Wheston. Johannes Bodon  [altered to James]
  Jacobus Peake.
  Radulphus Cantrell.
  Thomas Middleton. alloc bre.
Tideswall. Henricus Cocke, alloc bre.
  Willelmus Walker.
  Ricardus Marshall.
  Robertus Walker, alloc bre. J.C
Wormhill. Jervacius Torr.
Tunstidd. Johannes Wright.
Hardwicke wall. Humfridus Thornhill.
Meadowe. Nicholaus Palfreyman.
  Anthonius Torr.
  Robertus Wilson.
Nether Shatton. Thomas Eyre generosus.
Milhousdale. Johannes Bagshawe, recus[ans]
Litton. Johannes Creswell.
  Thomas Outfeild.
Longson Parva. Anthonius Longson generosus.
  Johannes Melior.
Abney. Franciscus Wilcockson.
Bowdon. Georgius Bowdon, generosus.
Bowdon head. Willelmus Lowe [Erased]
  Georgius Lowe.
Slackhall. Johannes Lingard, generosus..
Forde. Nicholaus Creswell, generosus..
Lidiate. Radulphus Gee.
Martinside. Arnoldus Kirke.
Lane side. Thomas Bodon.
Shalcrose. Johannes Shalcrosse, Armiger.
Ridge. Thomas Bagshawe, Armiger.
Marshe. Nicholaus Browne, Armiger..
Ollerenshawe. Anthonius Ollerenshawe, generosus.
Blackshawe. Johannes Dande, generosus. alloc bre. J.C.
Highgate Willelmus RoUinson, generosus..
Swallowe houses Franciscus Eyre.
Mellor. Willelmus Radcliffe, Armiger.
Blackbrooke. Johannes Carrington, generosus. alloc.
Ollersette. Edmondus Bradbery, generosus..
Courses. Henricus Kirke.
Warmebrooke. Georgius Thornhill, senior, alloc.
  Georgius Thornhill, generosus..
Strines. Franciscus Clayton, generosus..
Whithough. Thomas Kirke.
Underecles. Wm. Carrington.
Gorstilowe. Carolus Ashton. p'ca alloc bre.
Parke hall Willelmus Platts.
Sterndale. Robertus Mellor.
  Robertus Micocke.
  Nicholaus Longden.
Bugsworth. Jacobus Carrington, generosus.
  Johannes Olliver.
Cowdale. Edwardus Bennett.
  Thomas Heathcott.
  Anthonius Barker.
Fairfeild. Rolandus Swanne. alloc bre.
  Willelmus Dakyn.
  Jacobus Carrington.
  Johannes Higginbotham.
  Rolandus Morewood.
  Edmondus Goodwin.
  Radulphus Fearne.
  Willelmus Micocke.
  Robertus Lomas.
Pigtor. Dakin Micocke.
  Robertus Micocke.
  Johannes Goodwin.
Heyfeild. Johannes Waterhouse.
Woolowe. Johannes Hill.
Cowlowe. Alexander Goodwin.
  Georgius [Erased].
Nether Cliffe. Robertus Hatfeild.
Castleton. Rolandus Moorewood.
  Robertus Hall.
  Franciscus Lowe.
Stony Middleton. Franciscus Sharpe. alloc.

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