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These are some of the references to the Ward family and their properties, from the Strutt archives.The Ward family is of interest for two main reasons: firstly their connections to the other families of this website, and secondly their possible connection to the Strutt family, which is explored here.

These deeds can be accessed at the Matlock Record Office, but here they are of interest to anyone researching the Ward family, since they give details of family connections in their wills.

The Infamous WARD-STRUTT dispute over the Milley Laund house

D3772/T8/40/1-27 Milley Laund, the WARD Family

This huge bundle of documents relates to a court case brought against Jedediah Strutt by the Wards of Milley Laund in Belper, after what appears to have been a severe flood that devastated the Ward's house and land. Ward won the case and was paid seven thousand pounds by Strutt as the price of his house.

1a) A note written on this:
purchase money paid by Mr Strutt to W. Richard Ward for Milley Laund Farm,
at the Swan Inn in Belper 2nd May 1810 £7,013-6-8 in notes.

Inventory of Documents October 1810

  1. 17 Copy will of Matthew Bradley 3rd Nov 1737
  2. 18 17th March 1791 presentment of death of Matthew Bradley, admittance of Elizabeth Ward
  3. 19 2nd Feb 1792, Richard Ward and wife to S. Mr Ward's will, surrender of Milley Laund
  4. 20 Pedigree of Bradleys and Wards (see on Pedigree pages)
  5. 21 ditto (copy)
  6. 25 Richard Ward's title to land near bridge purchased by John Bradley
  7. T8/40/28 - plans of the river on a roll, separately.

D3772/T19/10/1-134  1808-1810

Papers relating to a dispute tried at Assizes between

1. William and Samuel Ward and
2. William, George Benson and Joseph Strutt

Concerning weirs (Burton Weir and a circular weir) flood-gates and embankments on and near the Derwent, with reference to the Mill Laund Farm, parish of Duffield. Note: some papers refer back to the 18th century

D3772/T19/10/9 Observations on height of river
D3772/T19/10/10 Account of money paid for damage above the Weir 1785-1789
D3772/T19/10/16 Dimensions of gates and weirs
D3772/T19/10/17-37 valuation, notes on tithe (1705/6-1792), taxes paid 1802-1809, etc Milly Laund Farm]

D3772/T13/13/2 Sadler, Ward

Cottages in Belper Lane - Mostly dates from 1800 onwards

24th May 1753 Court, death of Richard Ward, admittance of Richard Ward his nephew

At a small court baron of Elizabeth, mother and guardian of Richard Joderell, infant son of Paul Joderell, dec'd, before Thomas Gell. Richard Ward and Elizabeth his wife, otherwise Burnam??? Tenant premises in Belper, cottage, croft adjoining, Wheat Close and Well Pingle and Carr, all = three acres. Richard Ward willed, dated 20 th April 1742, to his wife his house, barn, stable, pingle, bakehouse etc. Richard Ward the nephew is entitled to it now.

5th Nov 1761

John SADLER, brother and heir of William Sadler, deceased and Susan his wife; Half part of cottage and one parcel of land = three acres in the possn of John WARD and half part of all properties To the use of Richard Ward and Elizabeth.

1800 Salonel to Samuel WARD
1815 Admittance of Samuel WARD under the will of his father Richard WARD.

11 th April 1812, The Will of Richard WARD

Proved 12 th April 1815. The will of Richard Ward, Gent. Properties in Belper Lane in possn of John Ward my son and others: Top Close, The Croft, Wheat Close, Clover Close, The Carr, the Orchard and Well Close, To my son William Ward and Samuel Ward -

  1. To the use of my son John Ward
  2. Then to grandson Salatheil Ward, the son of John Ward
  3. If no heirs of Salathiel, then to grand-daughters of John, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth and Ann.

Gives freehold lands in Belper in possession of John MONK/Joseph LYNAN to my son the Revd Richard WARD, Clerk, and on his death to grandchildren Francis Ward, Mary Ward, Elizabeth Ward and Ann Ward - daughters of Richard Ward.

Also the house and land, Flax Piece, Well yard, Necky Close (purchased of Samuel Street) in the possn of my son in law John MONK, and my house in Belper Lane in possn of Michael HILL, with garden, orchard and plot of land late in the possn of William MARSDEN, unto my son in law, John Monk and my daughter Sarah (nee Ward) his wife. Also, Upper Croft, nether Croft and Swinney Well Close, also nether Close and Two Riley Closes, copyhold, to my wife; land in Chevin Ward = six acres now in possn of John Monk unto my son Samuel Ward.

And whereas Robert Dannah of Windley, Gent is indebted to me for £1000 - paid to my granddaughters Sarah, Hannah, Eliz and Ann (of John my son) £60 each, to Ann daughter of my late son Thomas Ward £300. To my daughter Elizabeth Ward, all else. William and Samuel executors.

Proved 12th April 1815

28th July 1823 The Will of Samuel WARD and Sarah his wife

Swinney Well Close, Upper Croft, in my occupation, two houses in Belper Lane, also Nether Close, Two Riley Closes; brother William of Skegby Notts, Gent;

  1. My friend Samuel Fox of Nottingham Town, Grocer
  2. My son Richard Ward
  3. My daughter Elizabeth Ward (unmarried as yet)

Mentions his house in Belper, the Black Swan. John WARD said to be "Brook Side" in Belper, 1792.
Another John Ward, "Lane" (Belper Lane?)

(Note: The transaction to Richard Ward over the court case was made at the Swan in Belper)

DOCUMENTS: The Ward Deeds

Jedediah Strutt bought the pieces of land where he erected the Unitarian Chapel and rows of workers' houses at the time of the enclosures "from William Ward and John Strutt" and as we see from other pages on this site, there is evidence of the Strutt and the Ward families intermarrying.

Ward References within the Strutt Archives:

D3773/T13/13/ 1-? (Sadler - Ward )
  1. D3773/T13/13/4 copyhold deed for Nether Swinney Well Close, 1800 (Salonel - Ward)
  2. D3773/T13/13/6-18 papers relating to the case in Chancery regarding the conveyance to Strutt, 1844-1848.
  3. Includes an office copy of the will of Richard Ward, probate granted 1815 (D3772/T13/13/6);
  4. and a copy of the will of Samuel Ward, 1823 , (D3772/T13/13/7)
  5.   [Formerly Box 13 Bundle No. 128]
D3772/T8/40/1-30 Creation dates: 1807-1810
  1. Land in Belper inc Milley Laund Farm, Bradshaw Close, High Milley, subject to Assize Court Case Ward v Strutt from 1808 (see also D3772/T19/10) (Bradley - Ward - Strutt)
  2. D3772/T8/40/3 Valuation 1810
  3. D3772/T8/40/4 Award of arbitrators 1809
  4. D3772/T8/40/7-10 Additional abstracts of title 1681-1730, 1740-1786, 1723-1792, 1705-1792
  5. D3772/T8/40/13-14 Ward, Bradley pedigrees
  6. D3772/T8/40/17 Copy will of Matthew Bradley of Belper 1737
  7. D3772/T8/40/20 Minutes of evidence
  8. D3772/T8/40/21-23 Jessop's observations
  9. D3772/T8/40/24 High water observations 1808
  10. D3772/T8/40/26 Hicking's observations
  11. D3772/T8/40/27 Brief for defendants 1808
  12. D3772/T8/40/28-30 Plans and cross-sections (various scales) showing alterations to River Derwent and implications
  13.   [Formerly Box 8 Bundle No. 52]

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