Family Tree of the Ward Family of Belper

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The Wards of Derbyshire are a prolific family, so finding the right ones is not easy. Two family trees are found in Ince's Pedigrees, which I reproduce below. There is also a pedigree of the Ward's intermarriage with the Bradley family which is found in the Strutt Archives (Record Office).

I am also going to append here my own document showing the intermarriages between the STRUTT and the WARD families. These are important, since they provide reasons for Jedediah Strutt to have come to Belper - although there were many factors in his decision other than family connections.

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Memorial Windows of St Wulfram's, Grantham Lincs with window honouring Elizabeth Bradley, wife of Richard Ward.

The Family Tree of the Bradley and Ward Family

                                                  Matthew BRADLEY + Elizabeth WARD
                                                        Will dated           buried 26 July 1733
                                                       3 Nov 1737                        at Duffield
                                                buried 27 April 1738
                                                        at Duffield
       |                         |              |             |                   |              |                   |               |          |             |
     Thomas      Charles    child     Samuel        Mary     Matthew   Joseph   Martha   Benj      Henry
      1678             1681       1683      1684           1687      1690         1693       1695     1698     1701
         +                                                    +                  +             +                                              +
   Elizabeth                                   Sarah         Chapman?   Mary                                Susanna
   Fletcher                                   Bradley                              Barker                               Pilkington
        |                                                                                             |                                            |
        |                                                                                    Elizabeth b. 1732                       |
        |                                                                                         + 1753                                     |
        |                                                                                  Richard WARD (**)                      |
        |                                                                                                                         John----Benj---others
        |                                                                                                                         1724     1734
        |                                                                                                     Pentridge d.1737
1717/18             1705              1707                1710
                              +                       +                      +
                         James               Sarah              Henry
                        Haynes             Norman    Taylor of Wirksworth
                        (dead)                (dead)             (dead)
                                      1763          1765      1769

(**) Richard Ward is the brother of John Ward of Belper, and is mentioned elsewhere on this website. His sister Elizabeth Ward married a John STRUTT "of Newton", in 1769. This would account for the John Strutt found in Belper at that time, working closely with the Strutt mills and also with Ward, Brettle and Ward.

John Ward Snr. started the firm. According to the pedigrees drawn up by Ince (see below), the father of John Ward Senior ALSO MARRIED A STRUTT. (There is a record of a John Ward marrying a Sarah Strutt of Blackwell in 1729)

"PEDIGREES" by Thomas Norris INCE 1799-1860 (Courtesy of John Palmer)

Pedigree of the family of BRADLEY of Belper in the parish of Duffield Co Derby
Drawn up from Proceedings in Mr Inces office & papers Intitled BRADLEY alias WARD
BRADLEY & BRADLEY &c by Thomas Norris Ince of Wirksworth Feb 1824


01 John WARD of Belper farmer (eldest brother of Rev R WARD)
02 Hannah niece & devisee named in ye last Will of Thomas STREET of
Dairy Wood farmer
03 Salathiel WARD only son & heir. He his father & mother in 1818.
Mortgage pu[rchase?]s ? to Mrs STREET of Belper Lane End

This tree below is the INCE version of the one at the top, which was given by the Bradley Family to the Strutts. It appears that Ince himself drew from the same material - but there is additional information.

01 (A) Matthew BRADLEY of .... Burd at Duffield 27 Apr 1738 Will dated 30 Nov 1737
02 Elizabeth dau of Thomas WARD of Sheen Co Stafford

[children of Matthew and Elizabeth]
03 Thomas BRADLEY eldest son baptized 16 Aug 1678 mard 4 May 1701
burd 23 Mar 1713 at Duffield
04 Elizabeth FLETCHER
05 Charles 2nd son bap at Duffield 16 Apr 1681 burd at Wirksworth 1699 s.p.
06 Samuel 3rd son Bap 1684 Mard at South Wingfield 1723 to Sarah BRADLEY
burd in 1728 at Porridge [Parwich?]
07 Matthew BRADLEY Bap 30 Oct 1691 mard 1731 20 Nov Burd at Duffield
08 Mary BARKER
09 Joseph 5th son Bap 1693
10 Benjamin 6th son Bap 18 Dec 1698 burd at Duffield 26 Jun 1776
11 Susannah burd at Duffield 1782 d John PIDCOCK of Matlock
[note nearby:] Tennants for life under Matthews Will.
12 Henry BRADLEY of Belper y[oungest?] son Bap ... Will 16 Feb 1769 died Nov 1772
13 Elizabeth
14 Mary wife of Arthur LOW of Dairy Wood
15 Martha wife of Samuel MORRELL of Heage

[children of Thomas and Elizabeth]
16 Charles eldest son bn 1702 & died 1717 unmarried s.p.
17 Mary bn 1705 mard 1742 to James HAINES she died & burd 1763 at Duffield
18 Arthur bap 10 Mar 1707 mard anno 1742 burd at Duffield 16 Feb 1753
19 Sarah NORMAN mard 5 Jun 1742
20 Martha bap 1710 mard 1738 to Henry TAYLOR at Wirksworth burd 1739 at Duffield s.p.

[child of Matthew]
21 (D) Elizabeth only child & heir at Law to her Grandfather Bap 9 Dec 1732
mard 26 Dec 1763 to Richard WARD of Belper. Lessor of Plaintiff.
22 Richard WARD

[children of Joseph]
23 Elizabeth mentioned in her Uncle Henry's Will
24 daughter
25 daughter

[children of Benjamin and Susannah]
26 (B) Benjamin bap Married 1734 burd Dec 1737. Devisee in fee.
27 Henry BRADLEY died s.p.
28 (C) John BRADLEY of Belper Bap ... Will 19 Aug 1789 he devises his Estate
to his brother Charles' children
29 Matthew BRADLEY of Chadderton tanner devisee for life of his Uncle
30 Charles BRADLEY of Belper [superscribed:] of Yeldersley farmer devisee
in fee in Tail Male Subject to the late Estate then of his brother Matthew
under his Uncle Henry's Will
31 Ann da of Thomas HAYNES of Brailsford Co Derby yeoman
32 Susannah BRADLEY
33 John WARD

[children of Arthur and Sarah]
34 Thomas eldest son Bap 1743 died 1747 s.p.
35 John bap 23 Jun 1745 & burd 20 Jan 1765 s.p.
36 Mary bap 2 Sep 1749 burd 5 Apr 1771 s.p.

[children of Richard and Elizabeth]
37 Rev Richard WARD
38 "& others"

[children of Charles and Ann]
39 John BRADLEY of Bradley schoolmaster 1831 a bachelor
40 Thomas Haynes BRADLEY died unmarried s.p. living 1789
41 Charles BRADLEY of Yeldersley farmer
42 .... d of the Rev ... MEASMORE
43 Susannah m ... DAWSON a Liquor merchant
44 Ann mard Benjamin SUTTON of Blore Co Staff farmer
45 Elizabeth mard WRAGG of Toadhole in Darley Dale

[children of John & Susannah]
46 John WARD of Belbro (Belper??) hosier
47 Sarah WARD
48 Mary WARD
49 Elizabeth WARD
50 Thurza WARD
51 Edward FOX of New Boldfields? near Chesterfield Gent
She died at her sisters house at Belper 9 Jul 1824
52 William WARD
53 Benjamin WARD

[#46-53] have all Legacies given them by their Uncle John BRADLEY

  1. (A) This Matthew BRADLEY bequested an Estate at Belper to his 6 son Benjamin & Susannah his wife for their lives after death of survivor to their son
  2. (B) Benjamin who died before his Grandfather s.p. after the death of Wife Susannah surviving Tenant for life
  3. (C) John BRADLEY was admitted as heir to his brother Benjamin Whereupon
  4. (D) Elizabeth dau of Richard WARD & only child of Matthew 4 son of Matthew the Testator of 1737 claimed as heir at Law to her Grandfather
    & 0n Trial of an action of Ejectment at Derby Assizes 13 Aug 1791 Mr & Mrs WARD Lessor of Plaintiff on proof of the above Pedigree marked thus (")
  5. [The following are so marked: #01-03, #05-11, #16-30, #34-38]
  6. Recovered the Land against John BRADLEY as heir at Law to the Testator on account of Benjamin dying before his Grandfather whereby his Interest therein became a Lapsed devise & the Lands reverted to the right heirs of the said Testator
  7. The other part of this Pedigree containing Henry son of Testator & his 2 sisters & the children of Charles BRADLEY 5 grandson of Testator &c is taken from [unreadable] of said Henry BRADLEY & from .... [^ rest of line on damaged edge of page and unreadable]
    Page 071b Transcribed by John Palmer, Dorset, England

MILLNGTON of Kirk Ireton and the WARD family

[scatterd notes:] Denn? exd? dim? Richard WARD & Elizabeth his wife
See also 210
Trespass in Ejectment John BRADLEY
Pedigree as proved by plaintiff in this cause
Brief for the Draft [erased]
drawn up from notes of the Council on their Briefs
T N Ince, Feb 1824, Wirksworth

Early Ward and Strutt Families Intermarried

01 John WARD      ) one of these married a daughter of STRUTT of Blackwell
02 Richard WARD ) one of these married a daughter of STRUTT of Blackwell
03 .... daughter of STRUTT of Blackwell
04 Richard WARD
05 Elizabeth BRADLEY
06 Elizabeth
07 John STRUTT of Newton (Newton-in-Blackwell?)
08 Rev Richard WARD of Matlock Bath; Vicar of Brautton Suffolk died 1 Aug 1845 aged 86

Page 068a Transcribed by John Palmer, Dorset, England

Another WARD pedigree showing intermarriage with the STRUTT family

01 Richard WARD of ...
02 .... d of .... STRUTT of Newton in Blackwell Co Derby
03 John WARD of ....
04 either old Richard WARDs sister was a sister of 2nd Mrs SILVESTER or
2nd J SILVESTER married a sister of these two WARDs

[children of Richard]
05 Richard WARD of Belper yeoman
06 Elizabeth da of Matt[hew] BRADLEY & grand dau & h[eires]s at law of her
grand father of same name. Bap 9 Dec 1732 Mard 26 Dec 1763
07 Elizabeth wife John STRUTT of Newton Co Derby
08 John WARD of Belper
09 Susanna da of Benjamin BRADLEY Belper

[children of Richard and Elizabeth]
10 John WARD of Belper Lane yeoman eldest son & heir living 1830
11 Hannah da of Samuel STREET of Belper Lane aforesaid yeoman
12 William WARD of Sutton Notts hosier a bachelor 1829 Skegby died 20 Sep 1851
13 Salathiel died unmarried
14 4 Thomas WARD Alfreton hosier married Miss SPENCER Alfreton
[footnote:] her brother Griffin SPENCER of Alfreton surgeon died 9 Jun 1867.( Newspaper.)
16 Samuel WARD of Belper Gent
17 Sarah d Benjamin GOODMAN far[mer?] & parish clerk of South Normanton
by his wife Jane BUTLEN descended from Tuxford Notts
18 .... wife John MONKS of Belper Gent. He died 7 Sep 1824 & the 1st Corpse?
bur in S Peters Church Belper on 10th
19 Elizabeth lives with her brother W[illiam] at Skegby
20 Elizabeth d of ... MILNER of Stavely Nether Thorpe
21 Rev Richard WARD of Matlock Bath perpetual curate of Cromford & Dethick
Rector of Brandon died 1 Aug 1845 aged 86 years
22 Catherine d of William MARSHALL of Barbro Gent

[children of John and Hannah]
23 Salathiel WARD only son & heir apparant
24 Sarah

[child of Thomas]
25 .... daughter
26 Rev ... EDWARDS W Minister

[children of Samuel and Sarah]
27 Elizabeth
28 Richard WARD
29 Sarah

[children of Richard and Elizabeth]
30 Salathiel
31 Francis WARD Nottingham schoolmaster
32 .... wife CUBLEY of Bonsall
33 .... wife Joseph REDFERN of ....
34 Mary wife George GARFIT of Staveley

[children of Richard and Catherine]
35 Catherine bn & bap 7 Aug 1800
36 William Marshal bn & bap 26 Feb 1802 died 11 Jan 1847
37 Jane m at Matlock 1829 Henry Salkeld COLLINGWOOD of Ulley Hall Ebor [York]
38 Samuel a druggist died Nottingham 11 May 1848 aet 44
39 Henry of Bobbers Mill
40 George bn 18 & bap 21 Jun 1811
41 Sarah
42 Richard
[see #39] Henry WARD of Bobbers Mill near Nottingham died Nov 1853 m Hannah
dau of Mr PEARSON of Nottingham Lace manufacturer [had offspring:] 5 children

Rev .... WARD Vicar of Horseley was father of Rev ... WARD Perpetual Curate of Heage who by Miss BRADSHAW of Makeney has a son,...WARD of Nottingham & 2 daughters ( Ex information Rev Ri[chard?] WARD) 19 Feb 1830

        02==v==03 (Ward)

04 John SILVESTER own coz [cousin] to ye Rev W WARDs father
05 Sarah wife William LESTER from Loughbro (a widow at Mansfield 30 Jul 1829)

A Slightly different version of the above WARD+STRUTT family tree giving more information

02 Richard WARD
03 .... d of ....
04 John WARD mard a STRUTT of Blackwell

Either a sister of old Richard WARD Mar a sister of 2 John SILVESTER or
old Richard WARDs sister mard 2 John SILVESTER

[children of Richard]
05 Richard WARD of Belper yeoman living 1792 Will dated....
06 Elizabeth only child & heiress of Matthew BRADLEY of Belper m 26 Dec 1763; bap at Duffield 9 Dec 1732 Mar 26 Dec 1763
07 Elizabeth ux John SHUTT of Newton
08 John WARD of Belper
09 Susannah da of Benjamin BRADLEY of Belper

[children of Richard & Elizabeth]
10 John WARD of Belper Lane son & heir m Hannah d of Samuel STREET of Belper Lane yeoman & had issue amongst others: Salathiel & Sarah
11 William of Sutton Notts & Skegby Notts hosier a bachelor 1829 died 20 Sep 1851
12 Salathiel ob unmarried
13 Thomas WARD of Alfreton House md. a Miss SPENCER of Alfreton; had a dau md.Rev Mr EDWARDS a Wesleyan Minister
[footnote:](#11,#13) one of these if not both were in the HOISERY firm of BRETTLE & WARD Belper & London
14 Samuel WARD of Belper m Sarah d of Benjamin GOODWIN South Normanton; had issue Elizabeth, Richard
15 a sister ux John MONKS of Belper Gingham manufacturer
16 Elizabeth kept her brother Williams house at Skegby
17 Elizabeth MILNER
18 Rev Richard WARD of Matlock Bath Vicar of Brandon in Suffolk ob
1 Aug 1845 aged 86 Mar 1 Elizabeth[dau] of ... MILNER of Staveley Netherthorpe; she was buried 9 Apr 1789 aged 31 years. Mard 2nd Catherine d of William MARSHALL of Nitticarr Hill Barbro yeoman
19 Catherine MARSHALL

[children of John & Susannah]
20 John WARD of Belper hosier
21 Sarah
22 Mary
23 Elizabeth
24 Thirza Mar Edward FOX of Newbold near Chesterfield. She died at Belper
9 Jul 1824
25 William WARD
26 Benjamin WARD
[note applying to #20-26:] all legatees in the Will of their Uncle John BRADLEY 11 Aug 1789

[children of Richard & Elizabeth]
27 Salathiel WARD eldest son
28 Francis of Nottingham schoolmaster
29 .... wife Mr Samuel CUBLEY of Bonsall
30 .... wife Joseph REDFERN of Wirksworth calico & gingham manufacturer
31 Mary wife of George GARFITT of Staveley tailor & draper
32 William bapt 9 Apr & bur 23 May 1789

[children of Richard & Catherine]
33 Catherine of Matlock unmarried bap at Cromford 7 Aug 1800
34 William of Birmingham printer bn & bap 28 Feb 1802 died 11 Jan 1847 s.p.
35 Jane mard 1829 Henry Salkeld COLLERYWOOD? of Matlock Esquire
36 Samuel of Matlock Bath surgeon. Died at Nottingham 11 May 1848 aged 44
37 Henry of Bobbers Mill in Nottingham md Hannah d of PEARSON of Nottingham; died Nov 1853. lace manufacturer 5 children
38 George living at Matlock bn June 1811
39 Sarah died young
40 Richard mard a lady of fortune but died soon after. [issue] Kate

Parish Records Indicating STRUTT+WARD marriages

Here is a reconstruction using known records from Ince's Pedigrees as above and Parish Records showing that Jedidiah Strutt could very well have been first cousin to John Ward the hosier of Belper. Please click the thumbnail to see the image in full.

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