Directories: Pigots 1828-1829

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This is a transcript of the Belper entry from the Pigot's Directory of 1828. It includes Heage, Ripley, Codnor and neighbourhoods.


BELPER, a chapelry, in the parish of Duffield, and in the hundred of Appletree, one of the most flourishing villages in Derbyshire, is 134 miles from London, 54 from Manchester, 16 from Chesterfield, and 8 from Derby and Matlock. It was formerly written Belport, and also Beau-re-poire. It is situated on the banks of the Derwent, over which is a stone bridge of three arches, and near it is a beautiful wear [sic] for working the extensive cotton mills of Messrs. Strutt, which give employment to upwards of 2,500 persons: besides this great branch of trade there are manufactures of hosiery, nails, stone bottles, pots, and considerable bleaching works; but the town derives its main importance from the grand article of cotton. Richard Paul Jodrell, Esq. is Lord of the manor, and helds court leets here at irregular periods; the government of the town being in the resident county magistrates.

A new church, dedicated to St. Peter, has been recently completed, since which no service has been performed in the old chapel; nor is there any other place of worship on the establishment.

The Wesleyan methodists, unitarians, baptists, and independents have their several chapels. Here are two alms houses for as many poor families, endowed by Mr. Smith, of Derby; and a Sunday school, established by the benevolence of the manufacturers, for the education of poor children chiefly employed by them.

About a mile from Belper have been recently discevered some seams of coal, which are being worked to advantage. The principal seats in this vicinity are Bridge Hill, the seat of George Benson Strutt, Esq. one of the magistrates of the county; and Green Hall, the seat of Jedediah Strutt, Esq. A market is on Saturday, and fairs are May 12th and October 31st, for cattle, sheep, &c. In 1821 the number of inhabitants was 7,235, being an increase of about 1,500 since 1811; and it is estimated that at this period the population exceeds 8,000.

RIPLEY, a township and village, in the parish of Pentrich, is not quite eight miles from Wirkswerth. It has two fairs in the year, viz. Wednesday in Easter week & 23rd of Octeber, for horses, horned cattle, and pedlary. The coal and iron works in the vicinity of this place give employment to the greater portion of the inhabitants; the nnmber in the township is about 1,600.

HEAGE, a township and village, in the hundred of Appletree and in the parish of Duffield, is five miles from that village, and ten frem Derby. It has attained some importance frem a martial vitriolic spring having been discevered in the immediate neighbourhood, which is fonnd useful in curing ulcerous diseases, and stopping inward bleedings; its properties being considered as efficacions as extract of Saturn. In 1821 the population of the township was 1,742.

POST OFFICE, BELPER. Letters for DERBY are despatched by a horse post every morning at eight, and received at half-past twelve at noon. Office hours: letters for WIRKSWORTH, CROMFORD, MATLOCK, and BAKEWELL, should be in the office by twelve at noon, and to all other parts by seven in the morning.

Gore, The Hon. Captain Edward, Milford
Hunter Charles Vickers, esq. Kilburn Hall.
Jessop Wm. esq. Butterley
Morewood Wm. Palmer, Alfreton hall, near Ripley
Weod Robert, esq. Ripley

Booth George, Ripley
Haynes Samuel, Mill lane
Houghton Mary & Sarah, Bridge St.
Nuttall Sarah, Brook cottage
Perkins Henry, Bridge St.
Pike Rev. Godfrey, Bridge St.
Righton William, Ripley

Bailey Job, Ripley
Smith Ralph Allen, Bridge St.

Carr Lawrence, Market street lane
Ingle Thomas, King St.

Brooks Samuel, Short row
Gawthern John, Market place
Harrison John, Bridge St
Herod & Richardson, Bridge St.
Malin Samuel, Market place
Morrell Daniel, Common side
Nayler John, Church St.
Robinsen Michael, Bridge. St.
Walker Richard, Bridge St.
Walters Jesse, Common side
Watson Jervis, Market place
Webster James, Bridge St.
Williams John, Chapel lane

Bacon John, jun. Cluster buildings
Bacon John, Snr. Short Row
Frearson James, Ripley
Harrison Abraham, Bridge St.
Ilsley Wm. Ripley
Simms Wm. Bridge it
Smith George, King St.
Wright Joseph, Market place

Ashton George, Ripley
Bamford Samuel, Bridge St.
Coates Samuel, Market place
Colton George, Butts
Dudhill John, King st
Farnsworth Joseph, King St.
Gee Thomas, Ripley
Harrison George, Bridge St.
Jackson Richard, Market place
Jackson Samuel. Common side
Learns Joseph, Bridge St.
Lynam Wm. Heage
Palmer John, Bridge St.
Palmer Joseph, King St
Read Win. Bridge St.
Rice John, Brook St.
Sanders Thos. High pavement
Slack Joseph, Leng row
Stear John, King St.
Turner James, Milford
Turton John, Ripley

Bower John, Market place
Burgin Matthew, Market street lane
Wagstaff Thos. King St.

Fletcher William, Ripley
Smith Elizabeth, (retail) Field head
Staley Thomas & Co. Ironville brewery, Codnor park

Bates Win. Long Row
Beardsley John, Bridge St.
Butler Wm. Bridge St.
Fern George, King St.
Fletcher Joseph, Ripley
Fletcher Thos. Common side
Hopkinson John, Heage
Hunt Wm. Belper lane
Jackson Robert, Bridge St.
Jenison Thos. Common side
Smith Jacob, Bridge St.
Sturland George, Ripley
Walker John, Bridge St.
Whysall Robert, Ripley
Wildsmith Samuel, Butts

Coates Thos. Bridge St.
Harrison Joseph, King St.
Heapy Isaac, Bridge St.

Sutherns Thos. Ripley
Topham George, King St.

Strutt William, George & Joseph, Bridge St.
Ward Saml. (calico) Bridge St.

Millward Henry, Codnor
Palmer Wm. Market place
Walker James, Market place

Bridges Thos. Bridge St
Haslam Thomas, Bridge St.
Haslam Wm. Market place
Robinson John Bradbury, Bridge St.

GUARDIAN, John Hutton, Market pl
NORWICH UNION, John Smith, Bridge St.
PHOENIX, Joseph Pym, Bridge St.

Jenison Abraham, Cow hill
Weston Samuel, King St.

Alton Thos. Heage
Barber John, Heage
Bostock Elizabeth, Long row
Brooks Samnel, Market place
Flint Samuel, Ripley
Gawthorne Thos. Ratcliffe, Market Pl.
Gration Jos. (& seedsman) Long row
Harvey Samuel, Milford
Haslam Thos. Bridge St.
Hawkin Samuel, Heage
Hegg Thomas, Codnor
Longden John, High pavement
Moss Robt. (& draper) Ripley
Parker John, Ripley
Robinson Francis, (& tallow chandler) Ripley
Robinson Thomas, King St. Shaw John, (& draper) Ripley
Sims James, Butts
Smith Thomas, Bridge St.
Smith Thomas, Bridge end
Street Mary, Queen St. [Market Pl.
Topham Thos. (& tallow chandler)
Webster James, Heage
Webster Wm. Queen St.
Wright Joseph, Codnor

Abbott Henry, King st
Barnes John, Market place
Heapey Isaac, Bridge st

Alexander Isaac, Queen St
Bottom Francis, Queen St
Harrison Samuel, Market place

Angel Inn, Jno. Alldread, Market pl
Black Boy, Joseph Morrell, Heage
Black Horse, Win. Hawkin, Heage
Cock, John Bailey, Ripley
Cross Keys, Richard Coates, Market Place
French Horn, Saml. Farnsworth,Codnor
Gate, Jos. Cresswell, Codnor
George Inn, Gee. Walker, Bridge st
Golden Ball, John Ward, Codnor
Green Man, Thos. Hawkin, Heage
Hare & Hounds, Milicent Walker, Cock's bridge
Jolly Nailers, John Whysall, Gutter
King's Head, Martha Cresswell, Market place
Lord Wellington, Jos. Mather, Heage
Nag's Head, Gcrvase Watson, High pavement
Navigation Inn, Richard Elnor, Codnor park
New Inn, Edw. Bran, Butterley
New Inn, Thos. Clark, Codnor
New Inn, Jos. Johnson, Milford
New Inn, John Shorthose, Market Pl
New Inn, Matt. Wainwright, Heage
Old Glass House, John Thorpe, Codnor
Old King's Head, Martha Marshall, Brook st
Red Lion, Joseph Deaville, Bridge St
Red Lion, Thos. Moore, Ripley
Rose & Crown. Wm. Alldread, King st
Royal Oak, Mrs. Marriatt, Milford
Spanker, Win. Clarke, Heage
Swan Inn, Thomas Hamersley, Market place
Talbot Inn, John Frost, Bridge end
Thorn Tree, John Staley, Ripley
Tiger, Joseph Nash, King st
Upper Swan, Jno. Watson, Market Pl.
Union Inn, Ann Hunt, Denby
White Lion, Samuel Argile

Brittain Gabriel, (and stone merchant & boat owner) Butterley prk
BUTTERLEY COMPANY, (and manufacturers of pig, bar, plate, hoop, and rod iron, steam engine machinery, &c.) Butterley & Codnor park iron works, and Butterley park, Codnor park, & Portland collieries.
Coupland & Goodwin, (coal masters) New Birchwood
Daykin Saml. (coal master) Stonyford
Haslam Brothers, (coal masters) Oakerthorpe
Hunter Charles Vickers, (coal master) Hartshay
Jessop Wm. (coal master) Ripley
Oakes James & Co. Ripley
Woolley Samuel & Co. (coal masters) Old Birchwood

Jackson George, (& stationer and stamp office) Market place
Mawkes Thos. King St.
Street Thos. (& whitesmith) Bridge St.

Elliott George, Ripley
Fowke Wm. grocer, Chesterfield st
Harrison John, Bridge st
Holmes James, Bridge st
Ride Thos. Belper lane
Summers Thomas, New road
Watson Wm. (& grocer) Market Pl.
Weston Jos. (& upholsterer) Bridge St.
Wigley Benjamin, Chapel hill

Bailey Win. King st
Stansby Thos. Bridge st

Adams Will. Milford
England Will. (& grocer) Milford
Harrison Will. (& grocer) Market Pl
Houghton Benj. (& grocer) Bridge St.
Smith John, (& grocer) Bridge st
Strafford David Woodhouse, (and grocer) Ripley
Topham John Cooper, Market place
Turton Matthew, (& grocer) Ripley

Smith Win. & Thos. King st
Turton James, Ripley
Whysall John, Gutter

Abbott Lydia, Bridge st
Boden Ann, Bridge st
Fletcher Frances, Ripley
Frost Sarah, Long row
Hall Hannah, (& straw hat maker) Market place
Radford Hannah, Bridge st
Robinson Elizabeth, Market place
Stansby Ann, Bridge st
Sudbury Elizabeth, King st

Saxton William, Ripley
Stanley Jonathan, Ripley
Wigley William, Ripley

Carr & Bridges, Queen st
Harrison John, Common side
Mason Thos. Chapel hill
Melbourne Wm. Fleet
Melbourne Samuel, Fleet
Mold Henry, King st
Spencer Joseph, Cow hill
Walker Joseph Israel, Commonside
Walker Samuel, Chapel hill
Webster Charles, Mill lane
Whitehurst Joshua, Lander lane

Edmonds Edward, King st
Smith George, King st

Brown Thos. Church st
Clee James, Ripley
Holland Wm. (painter,) King st
Shaw Wm. Butts
Stevenson Wm. King st

Mason George, Queen st
Mason Samuel, Queen st

Mellor Henry, King st
Pounder Henry, Market place
Smith Wm. (& flour dear) Market Pl.
Staley Thos. Ripley

Burgin Samuel, Common Side
Gration Joseph, Long row
Hall Samuel, Cow hill
Hunt Charles, Common side

Bonnie Win. Belper
Burton Win. Codnor park pottery

Bostock Eliza, Long row
Bowne Joseph, Denby
Hall Samuel, Bridge st
Stone Elizabeth, Ripley
Weston Joseph, Bridge st

Evans David, Market place
Fletcher Win. Henry, Ripley
Lomas Thomas, Bridge st
Spencer Will. Hancock, King st

Beastall John, Ripley
Bridge John, Church lane
Disway Joseph Ripley
Hardy Daniel, king st
Herrod Samuel, Cluster buildings
Kiddy Saml. (& draper) Bridge st
Macbeth Andrew, Bridge [St.??]
Rowland Jas. (& (Draper) Market pl
Salt Thos. Belper lane
Satchwell Win. Market place
Sims Jas. (& draper) Bridge st
Tipper Joseph, Bridge st
Ward Samuel, King st
White Thomas, Bridge st

Alsop John, Bridge st
Bingham William, Ripley
Osbiston German, Queen st
Slater Anthony, King St.
Slater Charles, Ripley

Ault James, clock & watch maker,Bridge street
Glinn Jos. engineer, Ripley
Goodwin George, agent to Butterly works
Hutton Jim. & Son, land surveyors, auctioneers, &c. Market place
Kirby Sampson, agent to Ripley brewery
Malin Saml. dealer in British wines, Market place
Oakden Thos. wood turner, Market place
Onion John, moulder, Ripley
Pym Joseph, constable of Belper, Bridge street
Radford Jesse, collector of taxes, Bridge street
Simkinson Charles, pattern maker, Bridge st
Stoddard William, sinker maker, Brook side
Strafford Hen. Thos. music master, Bridge st
Street Wm. horn instrument maker, Queen street
Turner Jno. woolcomber, Market Pl.
Ward, Brettle and Ward, hosiery manufacturers

To LONDON, the Royal Mail, calls at the White Lion, Ripley, every morning at ten; goes through Derby, Lichfield, Birmingham, &c.
To BIRMINGHAM, the Telegraph (from Sheffield) calls at the Red Lion, Belper, every day at one; goes through Derby, Burton, Lichfield, &c. and every after-noon at four, on its return to Sheffield - the Amity, calls at the White Lion, Ripley, every morning (except Sunday) at half-past nine; goes through Derby, Burton, Lichfield, &c.
To MANCHESTER, the Lord Nelson (from Nottingham) calls at the Red Lion, Belper, every morning at nine; goes through Cromford, Matlock, Bakewell, &c. and every day at half-past one, ono its return to Nottingham.

To ASHBOURN, John Thacker, every Saturday.
To DERBY, John Brinsley, from the Red Lion, Belper, every Tuesday at twelve at noon; William Watson, every day (except Sunday), Thomas Bown, every Friday; and John Webster,from Heage, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.
A Van, from the Red Lion, Belper, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 in the morning, ante; returns at six in the evening; a Car, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at nine, & returns at six in the evening;
A Car, from the Thorn Tree, Ripley, every Friday, about nine in the morning, and returns the same day; and
A Waggon, from the White Lion, Ripley, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and returns the same day.
To MATLOCK, John Brinsley, from the Red Lion, Belper, every Wednesday at three in the afternoon.

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