Directories: The "Alphabetical Directory" 1829

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BELPER, a market-town, township and chapelry in the parish of Duffield, and Hundred of Appletree. Lord of the Manor, Richard Paul Joddrill, Esq.


MARKET-DAY. Saturday.
FAIRS. Held on May 12th and October 31st, for horses, horned cattle, sheep, pigs and pedlery.
POST-OFFICE. Thomas Haslarn. Post-Master. Letters for Derby are despatched, by a horse post, every morning at eight, and received at half past twelve at noon. Letters for W irksworth. Cromford, Matlock and Bakewell are forwarded by a horse every afternoon at half past twelve o'clock.


  1. TO LONDON, the Bruce, from Manchester, calls at the George and Dragon, every day at four; goes through Derby, &c ; the Peverel of the Peak, from Manchester, calls at the George and Dragon every day at six o'clock in the evening; goes through Derby, Loughborough, Leicester, &c,
  2. TO NOTTINGHAM, the Lord Nelson, from Manchester, calls at the Red Lion every day at one; goes through Derby, &c.
  3. TO BIRMINGHAM, the Telegraph, from Sheffield, calls at the Red Lion every day at half past one; goes through Derby, Burton, Lichfield, &c and every afternoon on its return to Sheffield at half past four.
  4. TO MANCHESTER, the Lord Nelson, from Nottingham, calls at the Red Lion every morning at half past eight; goes through Crornford, Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton, &c. The Royal Bruce, from London, calls at the George and Dragon every morning at nine ; runs through the same places as the Nelson ; and the Peverel of the Peak, from London, calls at the George and Dragon every afternoon at half past twelve; passes through Matlock, Bakewell, &c.

CARRIERS, for Goods and Passengers.

  1. TO ASHBOURN, John Thacker, every Saturday.
  2. TO DERBY, John Brinsley, from Matlock, calls at the Red Lion, Belper, every Tuesday at twelve at noon; Thomas Brown, every Friday ; and John Webster, from Heage, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  3. A CAR, from the Red Lion, Belper, Thomas Winson, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at eight in the morning, to the Talbot Inn, Derby, and returns at four in the afternoon.
  4. A CAR from Cromford on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, calls at the Red Lion Inn each morning at nine o'clock, and returns to Belper and Matlock, from the Red Lion Inn, Derby, on the same days at three.
  5. TO MATLOCK, John Brinsley, from Derby, calls at the Red Lion, Belper, every Wednesday at three in the afternoon.

The Petty Sessions are held by the Magistrates acting for Belper, every Saturday.


Wingfield Halton, esq. Winfield Hall
Francis Hurt, esq. Alderwasley Hall
Frieicis Green Goodwin, esq. Wigwell Hall
George Benson Strutt, esq. Bridge Hill
John Balguy, esq. Duffield
William Evans, eq. Allestree Hall.


Abbott Henry, hairdresser, King-Street
Abbott Lydia, milliner and dressmaker
Alexander Isaac, hatter and hosier, King-Street
Allcock Thomas, joiner, F.
Alldread John, vict. Angel, Market-Place, C.
Alldread William, vict. Rose and Crown, King Street, C.
Allsop John, wheelwright, Bridge-Street
Argile Samuel, vict. White Lion
Ashton Edward, framework knitter, F.
Ault James, clock and watchmaker
Bacon John, sen. blacksmith
Bacon John, jun. blacksmith
Bailey William, lace manufacturer
Bailey Helen, dealer in worsted yarn
Bamford William, bookkeeper, F.
Bamford Samuel, shoemaker, Bridge-Street
Bamford Thomas, butcher
Barber Benjamin, farmer, Openwood Gate
Barnes John, hairdresser, Market-Place
Bates William, butcher, Long-Row
Beardsley John, butcher, Bridge-Street
Berresford Samuel, stonemason, F.
Berresford James, stonemason, F.
Boden Ann, milliner and dressmaker
Booth Joseph, grocer and pawnbroker
Bostock Sarah, milliner, dress and straw hat maker
Bostock Elisabeth, grocer, &c. Long-Row
Bostock Thomas, butcher, F.
Bottom Francis, hatter, Market-Place
Bourne Joseph, stone bottle manufacturer
Bower John, brazier, tin-plate worker and iron­monger, Market-Place
Bridges Thomas, druggist, Bridge Street, C.
Bridges Samuel, farmer, F.
Bridges John, tailor, Church-Lane
Bridges William, nail maker, Cowhill, F.
Brookes Samuel, baker, flour dealer and grocer, Marketplace
Brown William, bricklayer
Brown Thomas, plumber and glazier, Church Lane
Brown William, turner, C.
Butler William, butcher, Bridge-Street,
F. Burgin Matthew, brazier and tin-plate worker, Market-Place
Burgin William, seedsman, Common Side
Carr and Bridges, nailmaker, Queen-Street
Carr Lawrence, attorney
Cash Thomas, joiner, Bridge-Street
Chappell Benjamin, bookkeeper, F.
Coates Richard, vict. Cross Keys, Market-Place
Coates Thomas, dealer in glass and earthenware, Bridge-Street
Coates Samuel, shoemaker, Market-Place
Colton George, shoemaker, Butts
Cotterell Francis, watchmaker
Cotterell Sarah, dealer in rags and unallware
Cromwell Martha, vict. King's Head, Market-Place
Daniels John, stonemason
Davies Rev. D. P. gents boarding school, Gutter
Deaville Joseph, victr,. Red Lion, commercial inn and coach house, Bridge-Street, C.
Dudhill John, shoemaker
Edmonds Edward, plasterer
Ellson Mary, milliner and dress maker
Ellson William, clock and watchmaker, King-St.
Evans David, surgeon and oculist
Farnsworth J, shoemaker, King-Street
Fearne George, butcher, Market-Place
Fletcher Thomas, butcher, Common Side
Fowke William, joiner and shopkeeper, F.
Frost John, farmer and vitt. Talbot Inn, F.
Frost Sarah, milliner and dress maker
Gawthorn John, baker and flour dealer
Gawthorn Thomas R. grocer and teadealer, Market Place
Gawthorn Mrs. John, milliner and dress maker, Market Place
Gawthorn Rev. Thomas, Ratcliff
Gillett Benjamin, farmer, Dailey, F.
Gillett Thomas, farmer, Dailey, F.
Glue Isaac, shoemaker
Gratian Joseph, grocer and seedsman, Long-Row
Hall Samuel, seedsman, Cowhill
Hall Hannah and Milicent, milliners, dress and straw bonnet makers
Hall William, horsedealer, F.
Hall Mary, vict. Horse and Jockey
Hall Edward, blacksmith, C.
Hammersley Thomas, vict. Swan and commercial Inn, Market-Place
Hardy Daniel, tailor, King-Street       
Harrison Abraham Newham, gent. F.
Harrison Joseph, farmer, Loundhill, F.
Harrison Samuel, farmer, Loundhill, F.
Harrison John, nailmaker, Loundhill, F.
Harrison Samuel, hatter, Market Place
Harrison William, grocer and draper, Market- Place
Harrison Abraham, farrier
Harrison Joseph, dealer in glass and earthenware, King-Street
Harrison John, joiner, Bridge-Street
Harrison George, boot and shoemaker, Bridge- Street, C.
Harrison John, shopkeeper and baker, Bridge- Street
Harrison ----, bookkeeper
Harvey John, stonemason
Haslam Thomas, grocer, druggist and postmater, King-Street
Haslam William, druggist, Market-Place
Haynes Samuel, boys' day school
Heapey Isaac, hairdresser and dealer in glass and earthenware, Bridge-Street
Herd and Richardson, bakers and flour dealers
Herrod Samuel, tailor, Cluster Buildings
Holland William, painter
Holmes James, joiner, Bridge-Street, C.
Hood Mary, milliner and dress maker
Hough Thomas, stonemason, F.
Houghton Benjamin, grocer and draper, Bridge Street, C.
Houghton Mary and Sarah, ladies' boarding and day school
Hunt William, butcher, Belper-Lane-End
Hunt Charles, seedaman, Common Side
Hutton John and Son, land surveyors, auctioneers, agents to the Guardian Fire Office and commissioners for taking special bail
Ingle Thomas, solicitor, King-Street
Jackson Thomas, farmer, Wildersley
Jackson George, bookseller, stationer, ironmonger and stamp office, F.
Jackson Jonathan, nailmaker, Common, F.
Jackson Robert, butcher, Bridge-Street, F.
Jackson Joseph, tailor
Jackson Richard, shoemaker, Market-Place
Jackson Samuel, shoemaker, Common Side
Jennison Christopher, nailmaker, Swinney, F.
Jennison Abraham, frimesmith, Cowhill
Jennison Thomas, butcher, Common Side,
Jessop William, file maker, F.
Johnson William, vict. F.
Johnson Thomas, surgeon, King-Street
Johnson Rev. Joseph, baptist minister
Jones William, nailmaker, Butts, F.
Key Samuel, vict. Lane-End, F.
Kiddy Samuel, tailor and draper
Lichfield Thomas, farmer, Chevin Side, C.
Lichfield Godfrey, farmer, Gutter, F.
Lilley John, framework knitter, Cowhill, C.
Leams Joseph, shoemaker, Bridge-Street
Lomas Thomas, surgeon, Bridge-Street
Longdon John, grocer and teadealer, Market-Place
Macbeth Andrew, tailor, Bridge-Street
Malin Samuel, baker and flour dealer, C.
Marshall Isaac, stonemason, F.
Marshall Samuel, stonemason, Scotches, F.
Marshall Benjamin, stonemason
Marshall Martha, vict. Old King's Head, Brook- Street
Mason Samuel, bookseller and teadealer
Mason George, printer
Mason John, farmer, Broadholme, F.
Mason Thomas, naiimaker, Chapel-Hill
Mawkes Thomas, clock and watchmaker and iron­monger, King-Street, C.
Melbourne John, nailmaker, Gutter, F.
Melbourne Samuel, nailmaker, Fleet, F.
Melbourne William, nailmaker, Cowhill, F.
Mellor Henry, saddler
Morledge Elizabeth, dress maker
Morrell Daniel, miller and baker, F.
Mold Henry, nail maker, King-Street, F.
Nailor John, baker and shopkeeper, F.
Nash Joseph, vict. Tiger, King-Street
Nuttall Sarah, ladies' boarding and day school, Brook Cottage
Oakden Thomas, wood turner, Market-Place
Osbiston German, tailor, Queen-Street
Palmer William, currier and leather cutter
Palmer John, shoemaker, Bridge-Street
Palmer Joseph, shoemaker, King-Street
Perkins Henry, boys' day school, Bridge-Street
Potter Thomas, shoemaker
Powndell Henry, saddler and dealer in flour
Pym Joseph, assistant overseer and agent to the Phoenix Fire Office, F.
Radford Jesse, bookkeeper, Bridge-Street, F.
Radford Hannah, dress maker, Bridge-Street
Read William, shoemaker, Bridge Street
Rice John, shoemaker, Brook-Street
Ride Thomas, joiner, Belper-Lane-End
Robinson Thomas, stonemason
Robinson Thomas, shopkeeper, King-Street
Robinson Michael, baker and flour dealer
Rogers James, farmer
Rowland James, tailor and shopkeeper, Market­place, F.
Sanders Thomas, shoemaker, High-Pavement
Satchwell William, tailor, Market-Place
Shaw William, plumber and glazier, Butts
Shorthose John, vict. New Inn
Simkinson Charles, patten maker
Sims James, tailor and draper, C.
Sims Samuel, blacksmith
Sims James, grocer, &c. Butts
Sleek Joseph, shoemaker, Long-Row
Slater Anthony, wheelwright, King-Street
Slater Samuel, farmer
Slater William, farmer
Smith William, collar maker, F.
Smith George, plasterer, F.
Smith Jacob, butcher, Bridge-Street
Smith Jacob, shoemaker
Smith George, blacksmith
Smith Ralph Allen, ale and porter merchant, Bridge-Street
Smith John, grocer, draper and agent to the Norwich Union Fire Office, Bridge Street, F.
Smith Thomas, grocer and teadealer, Bridge End, F.
Smith Thomas and John, haters, Shireoaks, F.
Spencer William Hancock, surgeon, ,Bridge Street
Spencer John, nail maker, Loundhill, F.
Spencer Joseph, nail maker, C.
Spencer Joseph, nail and horse-shoe maker
Stansby Thomas, lace manufacturer
Stansby Ann, dress maker, Bridge-Street
Steer John, shoemaker, King-Street
Stevenson William, plumber and glazier, King-St.
Stone John, besom maker, F.
Street Henry, farmer, Chevin, C.
Street William, musical instrument maker and locksmith
Street Mary, shopkeeper, Queen-Street
Street Thomas, ironmonger and whitesmith, Bridge Street
Strutt 'William, George and Joseph, cotton spinners
Strutt George Beason, esq. magistrate, Bridge Hill, F.
Strutt Jedediah, esq. Green Hall, F.
Strutt Freeman, esq. F.
Sudbury Elizabeth, dress maker
Summers Thomas, joiner and cabinetmaker, Derby Road, C.
Tipper Joseph, tailor, Bridge-Street
Tomison Milicent, silk dyer
Topham George, cooper, King-Street, C.
Topham John Cooper, draper, P.
Topham James, draper, King-Street
Topham Thomas, grocer and chandler
Topley Mary, milliner and dress maker
Tunstall Rev. Matthew, curate
Turner John, woolcomber, Market-Place
Wagstaff Thomas, nail maker, King-Street
Wakefield Rev. -
Walker Milicent, vict. Hare and Hound, Cocks- bridge
Walker Richard, baker and flour dealer, C.
Walker John, butcher, Bridge-Street
Walker James, currier and leather cutter, F.
Walker Joseph Israel, nail maker, Common Side
Walker Samuel, nail maker, Chapel-Hill
Walker Thomas, gent. F.
Walker William, farmer
Walters Enoch, baker and flour dealer, F.
Walters Jesse, baker and flour dealer, Common Side
Ward William, boot and shoemaker
Ward Samuel, calico manufacturer, F.
Ward, Brettle and Ward, hosiers, F.
Ward Benjamin, hosier
Ward Samuel, tailor, King-Street
Watson Joshua, scourer and dyer
Watson John and Jervis, nail makers
Watson John, vict. Upper Swan
Watson John, labourer, F.
Watson Gervase, vict. Nag's Head
Watson William, joiner, cabinet maker and shop­keeper
Watson Jervis, baker and flour dealer
Webster John, Heage, Belper and Derby carrier
Webster John, sen. nail maker
Webster Samuel, nail maker, F.
Webster William, grocer and tea dealer F.
Webster James, baker and flour dealer
Weston Sarah, Leghorn and straw bonnet maker
Weston Joseph, cabinet maker and upholsterer
Weston Samuel, framesmith, King-Street
Wheatcroft German and Son, carriers by land and water, Buckland Hollow
Whitehurst Joshua, nail maker, Lander's-Hill
White Triomas, tailor, Bridge-Street
Whitwell John, stonemason
Whysal John, maltater and vict. Jolly Millers, Gutter
Wigley George, stonemason and brick maker, F.
Wigley Benjamin, cabinet maker, Chapel-Hill
Wildsmith -, butcher, Market-Place, F.
Williams John, miller and baker
Willis Thomas, butcher
Wright Joseph, blacksmith.

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