Presbytarians and Unitarians: Baptisms Book Three

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These are the baptisms at the Belper Unitarian Meeting house and/or chapel. The bundle is numbered D1973 JU/1-7 at the Matlock Record Office.

They are given in date order, as presented in the records. Use your browser's search facility to search for surnames.

Book Three of Baptisms 1784-1785

Forename Surname Father Mother D M Y Birth Notes
Anne Rules Anne 4 March 1784 Mother from 'Glascow'
George Henry Strutt William George 28 April 1784 3 days old
Joseph Whitaker Thomas 1 May 1784 2 years old
Elizabeth Whitaker Thomas 1 May 1784 6 months old
David Harrison Thomas 28 April 1784 1 week old
William Saunders William 28 April 1784 1 week old; Father deceased
Mary Walker Joseph Mary 24 June 1784 Of Buckland Hollow
Koron White Jos. Sarah 8 August 1784 3 weeks old
George Bowmer George 19 August 1784
Phebe Seal Stephen Grace 20 August 1784
Mary Rothwell William 22 August 1784 A few days old; Father deceased
J. Rouse 28 August 1784 A son
William Statham William 15 October 1784
Henry Statham Henry 8 October 1784 05/10/84
Samuel Hallsworth Robert 5 December 1784
Mary Booth Robert Mary 30 January 1785 Of Belper
Anne Reader Edward Hannah 28 February 1785 One month old last Thursday; Of Holbrook
Henry Sims William Catherine 28 February 1785 11 weeks old last Wednesday
John Waterfall John Anne 27 March 1785
Sarah Statham Joshua Ayls 29 March 1785
Martha Walker Samuel Sarah 10 April 1785 Of Belper
Mary Hill Samuel Mary 17 April 1785
Hannah Glew Isaac Ann 24 April 1785 7 weeks old Of "Heige" (Heage)
Hannah Chapel Jn. Hannah 24 April 1785 A month old
Unise Walker Sarah 7 May 1785 Of Bargate
John Booth Samuel Hannah 8 May 1785 A week old
William White Joseph Ruth 29 June 1785 nine weeks old
Mary Wilson Job 24 July 1785 13 weeks old
Samuel Harrison Thomas Lucy 3 July 1785 One week old
Mary Hickin Thomas Mary 9 July 1785
Thomas Harrison Saul Eleanor 24 August 1785 nine weeks old; Of Belper
John Smith Jon 28 August 1785 Of Belper
Jedidiah Strutt George H. 7 November 1785
The copy from which this was transcribed is certified:
'A correct Copy, made the 16th February 1881 by me R Lloyd


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