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This page contains some statistical analysis from the 1881 Census, showing the frequency of surnames. It is interesting to see how many of these top names are mentioned within this website; many of them became prominent businessmen or tradesmen.

Top surnames in Belper from the 1881 British Census

Top surnames by total occurrences                                                                                    Top surnames by population index
Surname Total Frequency Index
TAYLOR 201 2.2668 3.5447
SMITH 189 2.1315 1.5096
HALL 172 1.9398 6.5935
SPENCER 168 1.8947 20.7530
WALKER 158 1.7819 5.3229
HARRISON 148 1.6691 7.5193
BOOTH 128 1.4436 14.6348
JACKSON 126 1.4210 5.0847
WATSON 112 1.2631 5.4452
ALLEN 107 1.2067 6.3881
Surname Total Frequency Index
GALLEMORE 8867 743.8017 8.8670
WORTHEY 8867 426.1364 8.8670
WATERFALL 8867 422.9195 8.8670
ANNABLE 8867 363.1285 8.8670
MELBOURNE 8867 327.2324 8.8670
ROOTH 8867 276.0736 8.8670
BODELL 8867 266.6667 8.8670
TROTH 8867 235.7985 8.8670
JENNISON 8867 231.2139 8.8670
GLEW 8867 205.3388 8.8670



The Total column shows the total number of people in that county or town with this surname. For example, there were 189 people called SMITH in Belper at the time of the 1881 census.

The Frequency column shows the percentage of people in this county or town with this surname. For example, a frequency of 2.1315 in Belper means that 2.1315% of the people in Belper on census day were called SMITH.


The Index column shows the relative probability of finding someone called SMITH in Belper, compared with the probability of finding them anywhere in Britain as a whole.

An index of 1 means that if you pick someone at random from this county or town, you have exactly the same probability of picking someone called SMITH a if you picked at random from the whole of the UK. If the index is higher than 1, then you are more likely to find someoen called SMITH> here than if you picked from the UK as a whole, and if it's lower then you are less likely.

The actual figure shows the level of probability - for example, a figure of 2 would indicate that you are twice as likely to find someone called SMITH here than in the UK as a whole, and 10 would make it ten times as likely. The value of 1.5096 in Belper means that you are 1.5096 times as likely to find someone with the surname of SMITH in Belper than you would be in the whole of the UK.

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