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Records of Religious Houses, Churches and other Sacred Sites

These books cover the religious aspect of Derbyshire, historical, factual, and statistical. There are records of notable ministers and engravings or illustrations of many Derbyshire churches and chapels.

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The Monuments of Ashbourne Church [Download HERE]

Monumental Inscriptions in Ashbourne Church by Sir Brooke Boothby Bart. Containing text and many illustrations of Monuments of the Boothby family, with translations from the Latin.

Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vol One - Scarsdale [Download HERE]
Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vol Two - Highpeak [Download HERE]
Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vol Three - Appletree [Download HERE]
Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vol Four - Morleston [Download HERE]

St Johns Belper


Written by Charles Cox in 1875, and comprising of a set of four volumes, this work has always been held in the very highest regard by genealogists and historians with Derbyshire interests.

The history, appearance and antiquities of each church in the county is described in minute detail and there are extensive notes regarding principal families in the county.

The Belper area is contained in Volume Three, Appletree Hundred. Starting Page 142.

The illustration shown here is of St. John's Chapel in Belper.





Churches in Derbyshire - Goodeve Mabbs [Download HERE]

"Churches in Derbyshire by Goodeve Mabbs or, Provision for Public Worship in the County Disctricts"
Statistical Work (1876)

SECTION A. Preliminary Review of the County of Derby and its Population
SECTION B. First Inquiry. What Proportionate Accommodation for Public
Worship may Generally be Considered as Sufficient?
SECTION C. Second Inquiry. What is the Existing Accommodation for Public
Worship in Derbyshire, and What More is Required
SECTION D. Third Inquiry. How is the Existing Accommodation for Public
Worship in Derbyshire Distrlbuted?
SECTION E. Fourth Inquiry. By Whom is the Existing Accommodation for
Public Worship in Derbyshibe Supplied?
List of Places of Worship and their Sittings Throughout the County Including
Belper & Duffield starting page 74
SECTION F. General Remarks and Deductions

The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodists Vol One [Download HERE]
The Origin and History of the Primitive Methodists Vol Two [Download HERE]

By the Rev. H. B. Kendall, B.A. Volume One contains the Early History and Origins, and it includes many fine illustrations of local churches and chapels. Volume Two brings the history up to the 20th century.

Belper is important in the history of Methodism. The nickname was first used in 1816 when a young preacher by the name of John Benton and a number of young converts entered the town of Belper in Derbyshire. They sang in the streets as they approached the market-place where Benton began to preach. Hundreds gathered to hear him speak, including a group of rabble rousers who intended to disrupt the event. As the mission party returned home they sang as they went along the streets. A young woman heard the noise and asked someone listening to the singing “what religion are these people?”. He replied “I believe they are the people I have been reading about – they are Ranters.” The young woman worked in a cotton factory and the next morning she said to those around her, “Joseph Turner says that these folks that preached last night in the market-place are called Ranters” – and from that time the Primitive Methodists had the nickname of Ranters

The Origin of the Particular Baptists [Text file; Download HERE]

"The Particular Baptist Treasury, Particular Baptist Origins and Outreaches
From 1633 to 1660; A Study from the Original Documents showing the Origins of the First Lasting Particular Baptist Churches in London, with outreaches into: Early America, 1638; Wales, 1655; Abington, 1655; Ireland, 1648; Scotland, 1652; the Midlands, 1648; and Somerset, 1650".

The local interest in this document is mention of Derbyshire followers, otherwise not of great importance beyond being a historical religious document.

Wesleyan Memorials (Thomas Slater of Derbyshire and others) [Download HERE]

WESLEYAN METHODIST MEMOIRS IN 1823 Compiled and Edited By Duane V. Maxey

This publication is a compilation of the 24 "Memoirs" and biographical sketches published
in the 12 monthly issues of the Wesleyan Methodist Magazine during the year 1823. Most of these
were named "memoirs," but not all. However, in this compilation I have given them all this name.
The Wesleyan Methodist Magazine from which these memoirs were taken was published by
Wesley's Methodist followers in England

The reason for this entry here is that it contains the memoir of Thomas Slater, a notable preacher of Derbyshire. He was indeed related to Samuel Slater, mentioned on this website, as the famous Industrialist who relocated to America taking with him the secrets of cotton spinning, and thus launched the industry in the United States.

NOTE: The extract from this book about Thomas Slater can be found separately on this website. Information about Samuel Slater is also found here and in the book section on the Strutts and the Mills.

The Parish Registers of England [Download HERE]

The Parish Registers of England By J Charles Cox, LL.D., F.S.A. With 24 Illustrations.


Thomas Cromwell
The Priory of Wenlock
The Parish Church, Wenlock
Cardinal Reginald Pole
Dale Abbey Chapel .
Mompesson's Well, Eyam .
Riley Grave Stones, Eyam
Wingfield Manor House
The Solemn League and Covenant, Preamble
The Solemn League and Covenant, Second Clause
Reduced facsimiles of nn engraved edition of the Covenant by W. Hollar
The Frontispiece of Matthew Hopkins'"Discovery of Witches," 1644
Facsimile of First Page of Tipton Register, 1513

A History of the County of Derby: Volume 2 [Text File; Download HERE]

The Second Volume covering the religious houses of Derbyshire during the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. By William Page (editor) 1907. This download is a Word Document.


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