Parish Records: Duffield Baptisms 1598-1875

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This is an Excel file containing names and dates of Christenings from Duffield Parish Registers. Duffield was the registration parish for Belper in early years. This list is sure to contain names of many Belper families.

Because of the huge amount of data (over fourteen thousand entries!) it is not possible to offer this on web pages. A Word document would be over 18MB in size, therefore this is offered as a Microsoft Excel database at present. The file size is just over one and a half MB.

For those of you who do not have Microsoft Excel, I have also saved the file as text, separated by tabs. This file size is much smaller (500 kb)

 Click HERE to download the EXCEL database of Duffield Baptisms.

 Click HERE to download the Duffield Baptisms as TEXT

In order to find out if there is accompanying information for the baptism, please refer to the LDS website ( and type in the name and exact date of the baptism.

The data in this file is a combination of all Duffield registers, including:

  1. J049943 1598-1742
  2. K049943 1598-1742
  3. J049944 1742-1813 & 1829-1858
  4. K049944 1742-1813 & 1829-1858
  5. C049941 1813-1829; 1858-1875


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