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Welcome to the Belper Research website. Everything here (unlike other similar sites) is FREE and no subscription is required. I won't even ask you to register using your email address. BUT, if you value this website and what it provides, please see the important message above.

This website is a personal one, unconnected to any societies or groups. Its original purpose twentyfive years ago was to explore the facts surrounding my old house in Belper, and the land on which it stands.

However, while this is fascinating to me, it was of little genuine interest to visitors to this website, who mainly come looking for data to help in their own family research. Therefore, the decision was taken to turn over the website to other topics, in the hopes that it will provide a service to the wider public.

It now contains some general information about the town of Belper and its people as well as such genealogical records as are available. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

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Belper Basics

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As the paragraph above said, the main purpose behind this website was once a personal quest to uncover the history of my house.

I discovered that the house and land played a part in the development of the now-famous Unitarian Chapel seen in the photo opposite, which was built by Jedediah Strutt from around 1782 (according to some contemporaries.) Therefore, information about the Chapel, its construction and history, a slideshow of the exterior and interior of the Chapel, its deeds, and its parish records, are all found on this website.

On this website you will find information about the Strutt family (including Jedediah Strutt), their land purchases, deed archives, and also the development of the cotton mills in the 18th and 19th centuries.

There are maps of Belper and Derbyshire to help you locate the town. Please look at all the links in the sidebar menu to find what the website offers. Also see the external websites on my Links pages to find out more.

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Here you will find historical data and social records. Many people around the world are seeking for information on their Derbyshire ancestors. This website and its records may help, but there is no guarantee and the records are patchy.

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