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t is always lovely to get your mail and to hear about your Belper connections. So do drop me a line if you wish, BUT please realise that I can't do local lookups or family research for you. I simply don't have the time or resources.

*This website has no connection to the Belper Historical Society.*

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I am an individual and do not know much about Belper's history other than my own hobby interests. Nor do I have materials that I haven't uploaded to this website or access to any such records. Therefore it will be pointless writing to me about your ancestors.


As you may know, I have had to disable registrations on the Belper Forum page due to the large number of spams.

However, if you would like to join and see what others have shared about their families, please do write to the email address below, giving a brief outline of your interests and why you'd like to join.

I will then register you to the forum myself and let you know what your username and password are. (If you would especially like to choose these yourself, put them into your email when you write.)

Copy and paste the following address into your email editor to send me a private mail.


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Here you will find historical data and social records. Many people around the world are seeking for information on their Derbyshire ancestors. This website and its records may help, but there is no guarantee and the records are patchy.

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