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The websites below are a selection with a varying range of usefulness; some are for historical and genealogical data, others are merely descriptive. I also include some general sites for research.

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Belper at the BBC Website
Belper - Personal Sites
Belper - Photos
Councils in the Belper Area
Belper - Mills and Other Tourist Venues
Belper & Local Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants
Belper Action Groups and Information Sites
Sports & Leisure in Belper
Belper Entertainment, Colture and Social Groups
Information About Belper and the Strutts
Research Information and Data
Libraries and Archives
Tourist, Hotels and Travel
Local Sites of Interest
Websites about some Belper Names

Belper at the BBC Website

  1. BBC Local History - the British Broadcasting Corporation presented a very interesting piece about Belper. Well worth a look! IF it's still there. Look out for one of my own photos there.

  Belper - Personal Sites:

  1. East Lodge, Belper - the home site of Gerald and Linda Knight
  2. Belper Workhouse - photos and data and some lists of inmates

    Belper - Facebook Groups:

  1. Belper Interests - my own group
  2. Belper Genealogy - what it says!
  3. Historic Belper - fantastic photos and information
  4. Belper and Proud - community group
  5. Belper North Mill - FB page
  6. Belper Open Facebook Group

Belper - Photos:

  1. Photos of Belper - on the Derby Photos Website
  2. Belper & Proud Facebook Group photos
  3. "Belper People" with slideshows of Belper
  4. Photographic Archive - of Derbyshire, including many of Belper
  5. Photo-Ark - image archive of Pre-1950 photos & postcards; some of Belper
  6. Guide to Derby and Derbyshire by Andy Savage. Photographs of Derby, Derbyshire and
    the Midlands including lots of Historical data.

Councils in the Belper Area:

  1. Belper Town Council - links page is useful
  2. Amber Valley Borough Council - official government site
  3. Amber Valley Community Forum
  4. Derbyshire County Council
  5. Derby City Council

Belper Schools:

  1. Belper School& Sixth Form Centre
  2. St John's CofE Primary School
  3. Pottery Primary School
  4. Long Row Primary School

Belper - Mills and Other Tourist Venues:

  1. Belper North Mill - the old mills are a major tourist attraction for Belper.
  2. Masson Mills - of Richard Arkwright
  3. Derwent Valley Mills A World Heritage Site
  4. Ancient Mills of Derbyshire - Cromford and Masson Mills and others
  5. Slaters Mill, Rhode Island
  6. Belper 2016 - on the Derbyshire UK website
  7. Listed Buildings in Belper - with a placement map

Belper & Local Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants

  1. "Places to Dine around Belper" - on Belper People Website
  2. "Indian Restaurants" on the same site
  3. Fresh Basil - Deli with tons of speciality foods and a cafe
  4. The Lion Hotel in Belper - 20 bedrooms in an old coaching house
  5. The Black Swan - a public house in the market place, Belper
  6. The White Swan - with live music
  7. The George & Dragon Pub - one of Belper's oldest
  8. River Garden Chinese Restaurant
  9. The Bear at Alderwasley
  10. The Hanging Gate
  11. Restaurants and Cafes in Belper - on "The Food Place"
  12. Yardley's Bar - in Bridge Street, Belper
  13. Gillivon's Tea Rooms - Bridge Street, Belper

Belper - Action Groups and Information Sites:

  1. Action Group - Neighbourhood Plan For Belper
  2. Belper Street Angels - patrolling for the good of all
  3. Hope For Belper - community support and aid for the needy
  4. Friends of Belper Parks Group - website about the Community Wildspaces Project
  5. Friends of Belper River Gardens
  6. Friends of the Derwent Valley Railway
  7. The Strutts - community based around the former Herbert Strutt School
  8. The Arkwright Society - Arkwright and Strutt built the first mills.
  9. Belper News - local newspaper website
  10. DerbyI (news and information)
  11. Belper People - forum, news and events
  12. Belper Celebration - website sparked off by the annual Carnival, but has since grown.
  13. Belper's Future - Tesco and Bypass plans: a personal view
  14. Belper Redevelopment by TESCO and Council:updated plans
  15. Belper Civic Forum - news and events, especially the TESCO proposals

Sports & Leisure in Belper

  1. Belper Hockey Club - information for sports enthusiasts
  2. Belper Football Club - the nailers
  3. Belper Rugby Club - news, fixtures and more
  4. Belper Meadows Tennis Club
  5. Road Races & Fell Races
  6. Belper Harriers
  7. Belper Amateurs Cricket Club
  8. Belper Meadows  Cricket Club
  9. Belper Marlins - Swimming Club
  10. Belper Sub-Aqua Club
  11. Belper Pottery Bowls Club - on the Beehive Website
  12. Belper & District Quiz League
  13. Belper Bike Club
  14. Belper Leisure Centre

Belper Entertainment, Culture and Social Groups

  1. Belper Music & Arts - nice site!
  2. Belper Music Festival
  3. Belper Folk Club
  4. Belper Art Group
  5. Belper & District Organ & Keyboard Club
  6. Belper Amateur Dramatic Society
  7. Belper Bridge Club
  8. Belper Rotary Club
  9. Belper & District Scouts
  10. Beth's Poetry Trail
  11. Belper Fleet Arts
  12. Dalesmen Male Voice Choir
  13. The RITZ  Cinema
  14. Vanessa Millar Dancing School
  15. Belper Town Wind Band
  16. Belper Musical Theatre
  17. Belper Farmers Market
  18. Belper Steam - Steam and Vintage Event
  19. Belper Clan Foundry Rolls Royce Enthusiasts

Churches (also this extended page)

  1. Derbyshire Churches - search for Belper in side bar.
  2. Background to Derbyshire Churches - historical summary of religious groups
  3. Belper Baptist Church
  4. Belper St. Peter's Anglican Church & others
  5. Unitarian Chapel - small site giving information and times of meetings (also see)
  6. Belper Places of Worship - listing giving map and address of churches
  7. Salvation Army - the life of William Booth, born in Belper, explored here
  8. Grace Church  Belper - a new independent evangelical community
  9. Belper Central Methodist Church
  10. Belper Christian Centre - Pentecostal/Evangelical

  Information About Belper and the Strutts:

  1. Belper Parks - website with much interesting historical information
  2. Discover Derbyshire & The Peak District - Belper Entry
  3. GENUK Belper Page - with links
  4. Belper Town and History - on Wikipedia
  5. Jedediah Strutt - on Wikipedia
  6. Jedediah Strutt - on "Spartacus" Educational Website
  7. Joseph Strutt - pictures and history
  8. Strutt Archives - held at Derbyshire Record Office
  9. Framework Knitting in Belper and other places
  10. Strutts Museum  -  North Mill Belper

  Research Information and Data

  1. Wishful Thinking - many transcriptions of old books; very interesting!
  2. Belper in Wartime- fantastic research site run by local people!
  3. Yesterday's Journey - personal site containing much Derbyshire information
  4. Strutt School Admissions - the documents are now at the Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock
  5. Cindi's Lists for Derbyshire - lots of links here
  6. UK Genealogy Archives - for all Derbyshire
  7. Derbyshire Family History Society - Bridge Chapel House next to Bridge Chapel on St Mary's Bridge in Derby.
  8. Derbyshire Wills - links page of websites with Derbyshire wills
  9. Derbyshire Archaelogical Society - working for the conservation of important local sites
  10. Derbyshire Hearth Tax - some villages here
  11. Hearth Tax - High Peak villages here
  12. Peak District Mines - Archeology & History
  13. Genealogy-Links - genealogical resources & information; many links
  14. Derbyshire Parishes in the Poor Law Union
  15. Duffield Parish Information
  16. The Wolley Manuscripts Collection for Derbyshire- fascinating and informative!

  Libraries and Archives:

  1. Derbyshire Record Office - Matlock. Open weekdays 9.30am to 4.45pm.
  2. Derbyshire Local Studies libraries - part of the Derbyshire County Council library initiative
  3. Access2Archives - searchable catalogues of documents from many collections.
  4. Census Records from 1841-1901
  5. Derbyshire Directories - and many more old directories and books online; searchable.
  6. Manchester Archives - local studies and record office
  7. Derbyshire Census - list of online census records
  8. Public Records Online - searchable database of wills and other manuscripts
  9. Educational Courses about Belper's History - at the North Mill

  Tourist, Hotels and Travel

  1. Well Dressing - in Derbyshire, including Belper's contribution
  2. "Belper Celebration" for events and information
  3. Derbyshire Holidays - cottages, self-catering and more
  4. Peak District Accommodation & Tourist Guide - links for tourists
  5. Peak District Online - extensive resource for information about the Peak District
  6. Bed & Breakfast - in Belper
  7. Bed and Breakfast in Derbyshire - website providing information in general
  8. Broadholme Caravan Park
  9. Dannah Farm - place to stay in Shottle, near Belper
  10. Belper & Derbyshire Bed and Breakfast
  11. Chevin Green Farm
  12. Shottle Hall
  13. Makeney Hall
  14. Maps of Belper
  15. The Best of Belper - local Information, Business Guide & Events for Belper

Local Sites of Interest

  1. Bygone Derbyshire - archive pages of the Derby Telegraph
  2. Brief History of Cromford/Bell Inn
  3. Derbyshire Heritage - about all things Derbyshire
  4. Dethick and Lea history and records
  5. Links to Derbyshire Websites - on ABC Genealogy
  6. Beeboppaloola - "all that is great about Derbyshire"
  7. Ambergate - on Wikipedia
  8. More Links to Derbyshire Websites - on Genealogy Links Co. UK
  9. The Andrews pages - very nice-looking and informative site containing mounds of information.
  10. Wirksworth Parish Records - massive site containing much more than it appears. Dig Around!
  11. Crich Parish - parish records, historical information and more (the older site, see below)
  12. Crich Parish Records - nice-looking site with a lot of information (new updated site)
  13. Duffield - about Duffield Frith and area
  14. Heanor - website covering many aspects of Heanor and surrounding villages
  15. Links to many other sites on Heanor Website
  16. Derbyshire Genealogy Links - Looking 4Kin Genealogy Links & Chat
  17. North West Derbyshire - on RootsWeb
  18. South Derbyshire - wills, census and more
  19. Derbyshire Peak District
  20. Derbyshire Holidays

Websites about some Belper & Local Names (see others here)

  1. Byard Family of Wirksworth - local genealogy site
  2. Spendlove Research - John Spendlove's interesting site with much historical data
  3. Slater Family - Genealogy Forum
  4. Mosley, Varney and many more connections
  5. Many Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire names
  6. Many Pedigrees of Derbyshire names
  7. Samuel Slater - Hero or Traitor? Website of the film and book about Slater
  8. Annable Family Forum - on Genealogy.Com
  9. Memoirs - including of Belper and Abraham Harrison
  10. Calvert Family, including some of Belper
  11. Russell Family Website - with many names. (From the Place Index, navigate to Derbyshire then Belper).


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