British Army: Soldiers' Pensions, 1702-1913: Belper Residents

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WO 97/151, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Soldiers Service Documents, 1760-1913

Discharge papers of some Belper men who served in various regiments and received a war pension.


Charles II set up the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, in 1679, and the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in 1681. The two hospitals, in Ireland and England respectively, reflected the separate army establishments for the two countries, which did not become joined until the Act of Union in 1800. Even then, it was not until December 1822 that the payment of Kilmainham out-pensions was taken over by Chelsea Hospital, and in-pensioners remained in Kilmainham until 1929, when the last transferred to Chelsea.

Entitlements to pension

Soldiers who left the Army with a disabling injury, or as invalids or (for relatively few soldiers before the later 19th century) after completing an agreed term of service, were entitled to a pension from, or institutional care at, Chelsea or Kilmainham. A description of an ex-soldier as a 'pensioner' usually means he was in receipt of an out-pension from one of the military hospitals, not that he was an in-pensioner, actually resident in the hospital.

The major series of records (and the first place to look for any soldier) resulting from the grant of a pension are the attestation and other discharge documents in WO97, covering 1756-1913: see British Army Soldiers' Discharge Papers (1760-1913), for more details.

You may search for a name listed in the Chelsea Pensioners' Records HERE

For men awarded out-pensions by the Board of Kilmainham Hospital, there are certificates of service, 1783-1822. They are arranged by discharge number, found in admission books WO119

Name Unit(s) served in Age Date(s)

Samuel Allsworth 59th Foot Regiment 29 1805-1816
William Baker 11th Foot Regiment 24 1842-1844
George Bamford 1st Foot Guards 30 1804-1816
Jervis Berkin 67th Foot Regiment 19 1844-1846
Samuel Booth Royal Staff Corps 45 1813-1838
Samuel Booth 35th Foot Regiment 32 1837-1851
William Booth 23rd Foot Regiment 30 1809-1813
Richard Calder Rifle Brigade 19 1846-1847
Edward Calvert 29th Foot Regiment 41 1818-1840
John Chadwick 54th Foot Regiment 41 1828-1844
Richard Cooper 82nd Foot Regiment; Reserve 56 1803
Joseph Edwards 10th Dragoons 28 1837-1848
Samuel Eley Derbyshire Militia 61 1809-1853
Samuel Falkingbridge 43rd Foot Regiment; 1st Dragoon Guards 47 1795-1817
James Gration 1st Foot Guards 45 1819-1846
Joseph Gregory 102nd Foot Regiment 53 1800-1811
Thomas Hallsworth alias Thomas Halsworth 61st Foot Regiment 38 1823-1840
John Harrison 1st Foot Guards 31 1800-1811
Job Haslam 2nd Life Guards 45 1816-1841
James Haynes Derbyshire Militia 49 1804
Joseph Hodgett 39th Foot Regiment 29 1826-1837
Samuel Holbrook 27th Foot Regiment 54 1807
Uriah Holmes 34th Foot Regiment; 8th Royal Veteran Battalion 51 1806-1814
James Horton 59th Foot Regiment 40 1804-1824
Samuel Hunt 82nd Foot Regiment 36 1806-1828
Thomas Hutton Royal Artillery Drivers 29 1812
John Jackson Derbyshire Militia 28 1798
William Jenneys 69th Foot Regiment 27 1826-1837
Joseph Jenny alias Joseph Janney 54th Foot Regiment 41 1826-1847
Henry Kiddy 14th Foot Regiment 39 1831-1852
Samuel Norton 3rd Dragoon Guards 37 1806-1821
Joseph Robinson 52nd Foot Regiment 31 1806-1823
David Sanders 70th Foot Regiment 18 1845-1845
John Shorter. 52nd Foot Regiment 31 1799-1810
Thomas Slater 6th Dragoons 44 1803-1827
Zachariah Smith 5th Royal Veteran Battalion; 45th Foot Regiment 27 1807-1812
James Staely alias James Staley Royal Artillery 31 1812-1820
David Stone 59th Foot Regiment 45 1832-1853
Henry Storer 14th Foot Regiment 37 1831-1850
Daniel Taylor 95th Foot Regiment 39 1830-1854
Samuel Verney 1st Foot Guards 23 1826-1831
John Walker 60th Foot Regiment 32 1830-1844
William Wall 37th Foot Regiment 40 1824-1847
Benjamin Waters 75th Foot Regiment; 76th Foot Regiment; 24th Dragoons (Light) 47 1797-1816
George Watson 1st Foot Guards 53 1813-1832
James Watson 87th Foot Regiment; 2nd Foot Guards 51 1790-1816
William Webster 10th Dragoons 30 1813-1821
John Williams 1st Dragoon Guards; 10th Foot Regiment 41 1814
Benjamin Wright 7th Dragoon Guards 29 1837-1848

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